Is it better to choose a swing door or a sliding door for wardrobe customization?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-19
Is it better to choose a swing door or a sliding door for wardrobe customization?

The general answer we hear is that if there is enough space, swing doors are more practical, while sliding doors are more fashionable. However, these simple reasons are often not enough for customers to make a quick decision. Next, the wardrobe customization editor will introduce it to you:

First of all, in all fairness, whether it is a swing door or a sliding door, each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Although sliding door wardrobes are more commonly used, there are many shortcomings of this kind of wardrobe. First of all, when we use it, the door will not close, and after a long time of use, sliding door wardrobes are easy to appear. The problem is that we all know that there is a track under the sliding door. After a period of time, there will be a lot of garbage debris on this track, so it will naturally have a certain impact on the sliding door, and we are all concerned about the track below. It is also more troublesome when cleaning. One of the disadvantages of the sliding door wardrobe is this place, and there are not too many disadvantages other than this!

Is it better to choose a swing door or a sliding door for wardrobe customization?

Let's take a look at the swing door wardrobe again. This kind of swing door wardrobe takes up more space, but the airtightness is really good, so the swing door can protect the clothes in the middle very well, and the clothes will never appear In case of mildew. If it is a family in the south, it is wise to choose a wardrobe with a swing door, because there are more rainy weather in the south and returning to the south. But if it is a small-sized family, it is naturally not good to choose this kind of swing door wardrobe, after all, there is not much space in the bedroom.

Is it better to choose a swing door or a sliding door for wardrobe customization?

Secondly, from the aspects of convenience, sealing, service life, space practicability, and price, look at swing doors VS sliding doors:

1. Convenience: When the cabinet with the swing door is in use, it can be opened more fully, and the sliding door can only open one door at the same time; the swing door wins.

2. Airtightness: The sliding door has defects in airtightness because of its opening and closing method, and the airtightness of the swing door is obviously better than that of the sliding door; the swing door wins.

3. Service life: Swing doors use fixed hinges, which are more convenient for maintenance. Sliding doors use guide rails, which are a little troublesome to maintain; Swing doors win.

4. Space practicability: The casement door must ensure the space for the cabinet door to open. The biggest advantage of the sliding door is that the cabinet door does not take up space when it is opened. The space is enough, and the swing door is more practical. For small apartments, the sliding door that is pushed to the end is the first choice for decoration.

5. Price: For the same material, the sliding door will be slightly more expensive than the swing door; suggestion: the one that suits you is the best.

The above is all the content introduced by the wardrobe customization editor. If you want to know more related information, please pay attention!

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