Installation steps of bathroom cabinet mirror

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-05

  1. How to install the mirror of the main cabinet of the bathroom cabinet

   from Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturers are generally divided into several types, including main cabinets, secondary cabinets, etc. Each cabinet will correspond to a different mirror, but most people will choose to install only one mirror in the bathroom. And most people generally like to install the mirror in the main cabinet of the bathroom vanity. Why is that?

   First of all, the installation direction of the bathroom cabinet mirror needs to be determined. The mirror is usually installed directly above the cabinet, so that we can just shine on ourselves when we wash, and we can observe whether our face is washed. Clean and wash thoroughly. Another one is Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, we all pay attention to sitting north and facing south, and the installation of mirrors is no exception. Since we live in the northern hemisphere, the sun is south of us, and the direction facing south is facing the sun. , Symbolizing prosperity, so the mirror should also face south, which is in line with Feng Shui theory and also implies a good omen.

  2. Steps to install bathroom cabinet mirrors

   Before installing the bathroom vanity mirror, measure the scale of the mirror. Screw the screws into the wall to a certain depth, and then determine the stability of the mirror. According to the two holes on the wall on the back of the mirror, align the screws that fit into the wall. After fixing it, screw it tightly by hand, and then try it again by hand to see if the mirror is loose. The mirror does not have the problem of swaying, so even if the mirror has been installed, finally, after the mirror is installed, pay attention to the cleaning of the mirror surface. Be sure to wipe the mirror with a wet towel first, and then wipe it again with a dry towel to ensure that it is good After the mirror is clean and clean, it can be used.

   How to install bathroom cabinet mirrors and the points of attention, here is almost all that I have learned and known, I hope to bring some help to those who need to install bathroom cabinet mirrors, bathroom vanity The installation of the mirror should be the easiest installation in the bathroom. The average person can basically operate perfectly after reading this method. Install the mirror. After the mirror is installed, be sure to keep the mirror in place. Cleanliness, only the mirror is kept clean every day, so that you can be beautiful in front of the mirror.


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