Humidity in the bathroom prolongs the life of bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-10

Core reminder: bathroom cabinet http://www.mejace.net/ has powerful storage function and is an indispensable household appliance. However, the bathroom is humid and the bathroom cabinet often appears moldy and deformed. Experts remind that in addition to the material selection of bathroom cabinets, it is also necessary to separate dry and wet during bathroom decoration.

Nowadays, bathroom cabinets that integrate the functions of grooming, storage and decoration are more and more popular. are mostly made of wooden materials. Many owners’ bathroom cabinets cannot withstand the moisture test in the bathroom, and the cabinets are moldy and deformed, and the drawers and cabinet doors cannot be opened. Experts remind that when purchasing a bathroom vanity, in addition to the use of waterproof materials for the cabinet, it is necessary to separate the bathroom from wet and dry, or choose a wall cabinet to prevent the cabinet from absorbing moisture on the ground.


It is difficult to stop the moisture, and the bathroom cabinets are often 'short-lived'

High humidity in the bathroom shortens the life of the bathroom cabinet

'When I first bought the wooden bathroom cabinet, I thought it was high-grade and more beautiful. The sales staff also guaranteed that it would not become moldy or deformed within a few years. As a result, after more than two years of use, the cabinet and the door panel A lot of black mold has grown, and there are problems with drums and edges on both sides.' Mr. Wei, who lives in a community on Xingguang Avenue in Nanning, consulted. Most of the bathroom cabinet cabinets on the market are made of wood. How can we prevent the bathroom cabinet from being deformed by moisture?

Ms. Zheng also encountered the problem of bathroom cabinets. The bathroom cabinet in her home has two drawers, which are seldom used and kept closed. After staying for more than half a year, she recently discovered that both drawers could not be opened. As a result, when she pulled it hard, the drawer panel was peeled off and the drawer was still in the cabinet. The rollers and metal tracks of the original drawer have been corroded, and the two are firmly stuck together.

Liu Guangkun, a home improvement supervisor who has been in the business for many years, introduced that bathroom vanity are mostly made of wood. Due to the poor moisture resistance of the cabinet panels, and the owner decorating the bathroom, regardless of the use environment of the bathroom cabinet, the cabinet has been immersed in water for a long time, resulting in a 'short-lived' phenomenon.


Bathroom decoration is best to separate dry and wet

The humidity in the bathroom is large, and the separation of dry and wet extends the life of the bathroom cabinet

Wooden bathroom cabinets have higher requirements for the bathroom environment, that is, the separation of dry and wet-the shower is required to be separated from other areas, and the shower water will not splash around, so that the space outside the shower can be kept dry and you can calmly Choose bathroom cabinets of various styles and materials. For ordinary households, it is best to choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, taller cabinet legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground.

The placement of bathroom cabinets is closely related to the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. Large spaces must be large and appropriate, and small spaces must have all functions, but the ultimate goal is to use convenience. In a spacious bathroom, different forms of bathroom vanity can be placed according to the user's functional requirements and aesthetic needs, and various toiletries, cleaning supplies, and clothing can be placed in different categories. In addition, it can be classified according to family members, so that everyone has an independent storage space, making it more convenient and hygienic for users.

The bathroom of an ordinary family is generally only a few square meters, and it is difficult to achieve dry and wet partitions. Therefore, when purchasing a bathroom cabinet, you can choose to buy a composite panel with moisture-proof and mildew-proof treatment as the cabinet surface material. It not only has good moisture resistance, but also simulates the color of solid wood, which is equally beautiful compared to wooden bathroom cabinets. In addition, businesses can be required to install a rubber strip with anti-collision function where the cabinet body and the cabinet door contact, which not only avoids the noise of the switch, but also has better sealing performance and can effectively block the invasion of moisture.

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