How to use and maintain bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-16

1. Moisture-proof bathroom cabinet feet
Many people now choose bathroom cabinets with metal feet when decorating. It is recommended that you use aluminum legs. The 'skeleton' of the aluminum cabinet legs is strong, and the 'pressure' of the basin makes you fearless. Anti-rust function ensures cabinet legs. Does not rust when exposed to water.

2. How to waterproof a vertical bathroom vanity

Wooden bathroom cabinets absorb water and are easily deformed, so the requirements for the surrounding environment are very strict. However, the bathroom of an ordinary family generally only has a few square meters of space, and it is not easy to divide the dry and wet areas. When purchasing bathroom cabinets, composite boards such as fireproof boards, wear-resistant boards, and polymers can be used as cabinet surface materials. Not only do they have good moisture resistance, but they can also simulate the color of real wood.

At the place where the cabinet body and the cabinet door are in contact, a rubber strip with anti-collision function is installed, which can well buffer the impact force. A simple small discovery can easily eliminate the noise of closing the door, and the water vapor is also blocked. .Wrap the edge of the board with multi-functional anti-collision rubber strips to completely block the intrusion of moisture.

3. Maintenance of bathroom cabinet hardware connectors

Hardware connectors include slide rails, hinges and other parts. Although they are only small accessories, they are responsible for opening and closing the bathroom cabinet. Ordinary hardware connectors are relatively delicate, and a little corrosion and rust will cause cabinet doors and drawers to fail to open or close, affecting the service life of the bathroom cabinet.

4. Maintenance of bathroom cabinet basin

The bathroom cabinet with the basin directly connected to the cabinet is very common for us, and the frequency of use is quite high. The outlet pipe of the washbasin will pass through the bottom plate and enter the ground, and the condensed water in the wash basin will also take the opportunity to sneak into the bottom plate of the cabinet from the cut edge of the plate, causing the bottom plate of the bathroom cabinet to be damp and deformed. As long as a waterproof bottom drain is installed at the pipe outlet at the bottom of the pool, the service life of the cabinet can be extended.

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