How to reasonably select materials for bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-03

Reasonable material selection for the most fashionable bathroom vanity purchase strategy:

The first step for bathroom space decoration is waterproofing. Nowadays, the waterproof materials on the market are very simple and environmentally friendly, but there is one problem to pay attention to. When doing waterproofing, try to return one meter from the ground to the wall. The height of eight, if possible, simply achieve the top. In this case, the waterproof is relatively safe, and there will be no leakage problems. After the ground wall and ceiling are waterproof, the waterproof function of the bathroom has been completed.

In addition, in addition to the wall and floor, bathroom vanity in bathroom design should also pay attention to the selection of waterproof and moisture-proof materials. When purchasing bathroom vanity, you should measure the size of your bathroom and choose the size, color and material that suits you. , Some bathroom vanity are strange to put in the showroom, but it is another situation when the original class does not move home.

Because the water in the bathroom is very heavy, and the bathroom walls and ceiling occupy a large area, it is necessary to choose waterproof, corrosion-resistant and enzyme-resistant materials to ensure the sanitary tile reinforcement and the bathroom tiles. Material wallpaper with waterproof function is a good choice.

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