How to maintain the whole house after customization?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-07

In the past two years, with the improvement of living standards, whole house customization has become a good idea for people to buy furniture, and it is more and more popular among young people. Custom furniture throughout the house saves on renovations and expenses. The advantage of custom decoration of the whole house is that it can provide the owner with a complete set of furniture design, saving multiple furniture to be used together, and saving unnecessary decoration costs. Therefore, furniture is a very effective way to control the cost of decoration, it can directly provide you with a set price range for pricing, there will be no big or small expenses. The custom-made furniture spaces throughout the house are independent but not left. The custom special family space design of the whole house is based on home furnishing preferences, so each space is decided by the owner and decisions are made accordingly. Each home space is an independent design field, but the interior design of each space is a whole, and each room and each room are interconnected, so the custom decoration of the whole house will always bring people.

The kitchen plays an important role in the whole house customization, and their existence solves the problem of three meals a day. However, the kitchen space is full of lampblack, stains, oil stains, dust, etc. Cooking, frying, frying and baking are all directly related to cooking oil. Even a good kitchen cabinet will inevitably be damaged by oil stains. If you want your cabinets to be durable, clean and beautiful, you must study cabinet maintenance knowledge carefully, do not drip water on the door panels for a long time, do not use thinner and alcohol; Place lightweight items on it. Every time you use condiments, you should put them back in their original place. Nowadays, when decorating the house, many people will choose marble on the kitchen countertop, which is convenient and dirt-resistant. Usually, they should avoid placing soy sauce bottles and other items directly on the table.

As we all know, the custom furniture of the whole house is mainly made of wood, and different materials have different characteristics. Daily maintenance should pay attention to the wooden furniture of the whole house, especially in the dry and cold winter. Turn on air conditioners, underfloor heating, and other heating devices. It accelerates the rate at which wood loses water. So, how do you maintain custom furniture throughout your house during the winter months? How to maintain custom furniture throughout the house in winter? The weather in winter is dry and cold. When the indoor air conditioner is turned on, the humidifier should also be turned on, and a certain amount of water should be sprayed in the indoor air to maintain the humidity of the indoor air and avoid cracking of the furniture; do not underestimate the harm of dust to the furniture of the whole house, especially when some furniture is exquisitely carved These delicate places are prone to dust accumulation. If it cannot be cleaned frequently, please wipe it with a soft cloth and use special furniture care essential oils. The real cause of cracks in custom-made furniture is humidity, not temperature. Therefore, ventilation time should be reduced in winter, which is the correct way to maintain furniture. Furniture should avoid direct sunlight out of the window. If the furniture is placed in the same place, use curtains to block the sunlight.

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