How to maintain bathroom cabinets of different materials

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-07

The bathroom cabinet is not only protected from humidity, but also high temperature, sharp objects, and chemicals. A little carelessness will bring indelible marks to the bathroom vanity, not only cracking, but even accelerated aging. So, how should bathroom cabinets be maintained? Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturers have a chat with you, and there are different protection methods for different bathroom vanity materials.

   are made of various materials. Natural materials include stone, ceramics, solid wood, MDF, etc., while metal chemical materials include PVC, acrylic, stainless steel, etc. with different surface materials should be maintained differently.

   1. Stone porcelain surface material: anti-blind cleaning, equipped with soft water care.

  Natural stone and ceramics are commonly used surface materials for bathroom vanity. When cleaning, use soft water as much as possible to avoid hard water leaving deposits on the surface of stone and ceramics.

  Soft water identification: Take a cup of hot water, pour in soapy water, and stir gently. The foam on the water surface is soft water, and the scum on the water surface is hard water.

   If you want to further maintain the bathroom cabinets with stone and ceramics as surface materials, you can also use a permeable stone protective agent for regular maintenance. In addition, the bathroom countertops made of natural stone can also be polished regularly.

  2. Solid wood surface material: anti-cracking deformation, good separation between dry and wet.

  Wooden bathroom sanitary ware should be prevented from becoming dry and deformed. When maintaining it, use a dilute detergent and a relatively moist cotton rag, which is often wiped inside and out along the texture of the wood.

   Wooden bathroom vanity have relatively harsh requirements for the environment in the bathroom-that is, dry and wet separation, usually separated from other areas, avoid direct sunlight, prevent local wood cracking, deformation and paint film Local discoloration occurs.

  3. PVC and acrylic surface materials: beware of softening of the material, and timely cleaning is very important. PVC bathroom cabinets should be kept away from heat sources above 70°C, to avoid stagnant water on the countertop for a long time, all benzene solvents and resins Solvents should not be used as panel cleaners, otherwise they will be deformed for a long time.

   It should be noted that acrylic material is more difficult to resist the corrosion of paint and some organic solvents. If organic solvents contaminate the surface, please pay attention to timely treatment.

  4. Metal surface material: anti-corrosion, do not use sharp materials to clean the surface

   Metal bathroom cabinets do not pry the surface metal decoration materials, avoid using sharp materials such as steel balls and corrosive liquids to clean the surface of metal objects.

If the metal surface of    bathroom vanity is stained, it can be gently scraped off with a thin bamboo sheet, and then wiped with vinegar cotton yarn. Do not scrape off with a blade or other sharp tools to avoid damaging the metal layer.

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