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How to Know if a Bathroom Cabinet Is Right for You

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-20
One of the highest points of bathroom design influence is your standing bathroom vanity. Along with your bathtub, the vanity is one of the most striking elements when entering the space. How do you know which style of dresser is right for you? With all the designs on the market today, choosing a vanity can be a nightmare. It doesn't have to be. Choosing a vanity for your bathroom can be fun and exciting by analyzing your style and determining the look you want to achieve. If your home is more traditional, you may want to opt for a built-in vanity. If you want a more modern and modern look, it is better to go for a freestanding vanity. Freestanding vanities are available in more colors and finishes and are easier to install than built-in vanities. You can choose from light or dark wood, as well as countertops made of stainless steel, marble, glass, granite, and other finishes. When choosing a vanity, discuss with your retailer about purchasing a piece of furniture that incorporates all of the selected finishes of your design. Many times, in a showroom, you might see a vanity with a base that you like, but you might not want to see a top finish in a color that you might not want in a bathroom. Find out if other colors are available so you can get exactly what you want in one sale. After choosing a style, consider the purpose your vanity should serve, such as storage and styling. If you have a lot of makeup and other facial products, choose a vanity with extra storage. After you've chosen your design, it's time to showcase it with your bathroom lighting. If you decide to go with a built-in vanity, accessorize your choice with bathroom vanity lighting. This installation will allow you to showcase your purchase and make it a key design element. Wall sconces are one of the best options for bathroom vanity lighting. Choose wall sconces that can be mounted above the mirror; this will allow light to hit the design element itself. If you decide to go with his and hers vanity styles, you can even install wall sconces between areas to divide the space and provide an overall balanced look. There are other options for bathroom lighting to decorate the space. If you have stronger lights on your new vanity, you may need to address other light fixtures in your bathroom. Install a light fixture where you can soften the light and create a relaxing ambience. Bathroom lighting doesn't have to be limited to function. If you want to create a certain feeling in your space, let your vanity options set the tone. If you choose a vanity with dark wood and stainless steel fixtures, let these elements help you decorate the space. Buy a simple piece of art to hang on the wall that complements other colors and design elements in the bathroom. Let your luminaires play with your bold design choices. If you decide to hang art on the wall, play it up by installing track lights in that part of the bathroom. You can adjust lighting to focus on key elements of your design. No matter which design you choose, make sure the space has balance and flow. If you prefer a more traditional style in your home, choose a built-in vanity and accessorize with bathroom lighting and fixtures that complement the design. If you're looking to take a new style direction in your home, choose a freestanding vanity with a modern twist.
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