How to install the European bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-17

European elegance is basically a kind of furniture that has a profound impact on people. Many people care deeply about furniture. For this reason, many people choose European-style bathroom cabinets. The installation steps of European-style bathroom cabinets are more complicated. It should be noted that there are many places to pay attention to, where is the installation height of the European bathroom cabinet.

1. Before choosing a European-style bathroom cabinet, you need to determine the installation location of the bathroom cabinet, and measure the relevant height and size for later installation. Once the bathroom cabinet is installed, it is difficult to move. Because faucets, floor drains, and lights are all fixed, you must carefully measure and record when determining the location.

2. Through the relevant measurement dimensions, the overall size of the bathroom cabinet can be roughly determined. The next step is to choose the style of the bathroom cabinet. Basic shape styles can be determined by size. If the size is too large, even if the style is beautiful, it is useless, because it will not fit anyway. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the relevant size and position in advance, and then install it.

3. The height of general European bathroom cabinets is almost the same. The installation height is generally within 1 meter, and the most common is 0.8-0.85m. The installation height is calculated from the ground to the position of the basin. The height of some bathroom cabinets can be adjusted, and the height can be adjusted. Adjust according to the height of family members.

The adjustable design is easier to install. Some bathroom cabinets integrate the function of spotlights, and the installation is not complicated. Obviously, the overall wiring diagram and piping diagram of the bathroom cabinet are installed step by step according to the wiring diagram, so even if other electrical functions are integrated, the installation of the bathroom cabinet is easy.

How to install European-style bathroom cabinets --- Precautions for installation of European-style bathroom cabinets

1. When installing the hanging bathroom cabinet, please make sure the wall is suitable for installation. Some cavity walls are not suitable for installation.

For example, when installing a hanging bathroom cabinet, holes should be drilled on the wall. Generally speaking, the most appropriate position of the hole is 82px-2075px from the ground. Then insert the casing joint into the hole, fix the main cabinet and fix it with expansion screws. The main installation process here is leveling, and the water surface in the pool will not tilt.

2. Installation location Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, it is necessary to confirm the installation location of the bathroom cabinet; since the installation of the bathroom cabinet is to punch holes in the wall, water inlet holes and drainage holes are also essential. Once installed, generally cannot be moved. Therefore, before installing the cabinet, it is necessary to confirm the installation location of the bathroom.

3. After determining the location of the bathroom cabinet, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation location. When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, first measure the length, width and height of the reserved bathroom cabinet, and purchase according to this size.

4. To install the bathroom cabinet, you must use an air drill to drill holes on the wall, so it is very important to confirm the pipeline diagram and circuit diagram before installation. If the water pipe or wiring diagram is disconnected, some wall tiles will be opened, causing unnecessary losses.

5. The punching size (hole-to-hole size) of the same model is different, generally follow the instructions, but the installation process is basically the same.

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