How to install the bathroom cabinet to be advanced?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-25

   1. If the pursuit of practicability and durability at home is the ceramic vanity top + integrated basin. manufacturers or stone vanity countertops + ceramic basins are more suitable for small bathrooms with simple shapes.

  2. If the bathroom is well ventilated, it has certain requirements for decoration, and the place where the bathroom cabinet is placed is large enough, and there is a certain budget. You can choose a solid wood floor cabinet. Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturer But this kind of bathroom cabinet is not suitable for dark guards and some southern areas.

  3. If the location of the bathroom is on the sun and facing direct sunlight, it is best not to choose solid wood bathroom vanity. Stone and brick bathroom vanity are more suitable, otherwise the wood will change color or even cracks. And other phenomena.

  4. It is also best not to have a gap (within 10cm) between the bathroom cabinet and the wall, otherwise there will be clean corners, dirt and dirt, which are difficult to clean.

   Don’t worry if you really don’t like bathroom vanity, you might as well try these tricks!

  1, semi-open wash area

  The bathroom adopts this semi-open washing area, which can make the items better classified. The partitioned and layered design not only makes it easy to take and save items, but also has powerful storage and storage functions. If you pair it with a storage mirror cabinet, you don't have to worry about having no place to store it.

  2, make good use of the towel rack

   Many people fold up towels and put them in the bathroom cabinet, which is very inconvenient to take, and taking one will mess up the entire display. At this time, you can see the benefits of the towel rack. The first multi-level design can place multiple towels at the same time. Secondly, it does not occupy space, not only can it be installed on the wall, the flat towel rack or ladder rack can also be flexibly installed in the cracks of the bathroom. manufacturers.

  3. Use the corners of the wall cleverly

   There are actually a lot of space for use of toilets, especially for bathrooms with narrow and irregular spaces. These spaces should be fully utilized. For example, the wall, corner, and other locations, the design of shelves and niches, are very suitable for small bathrooms. They do not occupy any space and are convenient for storing small objects.


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