How to install the bathroom cabinet How to install the bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-03

How to install bathroom cabinet How to install bathroom cabinet

The manufacturer of bathroom cabinets said that the choice of bathroom cabinets is also a link that cannot be ignored. In addition to considering size, style and color, the purchase of bathroom vanity should focus on the following factors: moisture-proof, waterproof, and mothproof, so the quality of the material is directly Influencing the quality of the product, it is best to use moisture-proof materials. should be wall-mounted, taller legs, or wheels, so that it can effectively isolate the ground moisture from attacking the cabinet.

   After purchasing the bathroom vanity, the installation process must also be careful. The stainless steel or aluminum products for the bathroom vanity with moisture-proof treatment will have strong resistance to moisture erosion. Before buying, check the opening of the cabinet hinge. The more precise the hinge, the tighter the cabinet door will be closed, and the less likely it will be for dust to enter. Choose a bathroom cabinet with many drawers, it is very convenient to put small sundries. When choosing a bathroom cabinet style, pay attention to whether the maintenance of the water pipe and the opening of the valve are guaranteed. When installing the bathroom cabinet, be careful not to damage the inlet and outlet pipes, otherwise the cabinet will be soaked by water leakage during use.

   One. Main cabinet installation method

  A. Installation method of wall-mounted bathroom main cabinet: first check whether the wall is solid core (otherwise use floor type), according to the selected hole position, use a percussion drill to punch holes on the wall (installation After the countertop is 83cm from the ground), plug the wall-mounted accessories into the hole, and then use the self-tapping screws to lock the cabinet and the cover, or use expansion screws to install. After the cabinet is installed, align the countertop basin with the wooden sack of the chess game and adjust and level it.

  B. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet installation method: Place the cabinet horizontally, screw the cabinet limb components to the fixing piece through the double-head screw, and then place the cabinet in a proper position, and the cabinet feet should be as far as possible to the outside.

 二. How to install the bath mirror

  A. Measure the size of the mirror with a tape measure, and then drill holes in the wall according to the installation specifications at a suitable position and install the wall plug, and then screw the screws into the wall to the appropriate depth.

   B. According to the two holes on the back of the mirror, set it into the self-tapping screws on the wall. Newspaper is ideal for lens wiping.

Three, precautions and maintenance

  A. Keep air circulation in the bathroom, keep the cabinet dry and extend the service life. Avoid dripping water, and wipe dry with a cloth in time if there is water droplets.

   B. When assembling, please do not touch the cabinet mirror with the ground, and put soft objects on it to avoid bumps.

  C. During the assembly process, pay attention to prevent metal objects such as screwdrivers from passing the surface of the plate.

  D. When cleaning the cabinet, it is best to use a neutral agent as the cabinet cleaner, such as rubbing with toothpaste and wiping with a soft cloth, which is also a simple maintenance method.

  E. Keep some liquid waxes for furniture, easy to wipe, use a soft cloth when cleaning, do not use wire, scouring pads, strong chemicals to scrub.

  F. When storing cleaning supplies in the cabinet, it is best to put a layer of plastic pad or small square towel underneath that is easy to clean. G. Try to keep the space separate from dry and wet to prevent water from staying on the cabinet for a long time.

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