How to install a wall-mounted bathroom vanity?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-20

Bathroom Cabinets Clothes racks find a tidy storage place for odds and ends in the bathroom. With the continuous progress of the society and the rapid development of the economy, there are many styles of stainless steel bathroom racks on the market, which are more fashionable and reasonable in style design and shape. , Stainless steel bathroom shelves are the most widely used materials in daily life. In terms of other storage, the biggest feature of the stainless steel bathroom shelf is its compact and reasonable structure. Especially for bathrooms with small spaces, you can make full use of idle walls and storage space, making the functional division of the entire space more reasonable and scientific.

Introduction to the installation method of the bathroom cabinet shelf

1. Confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet:
Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, confirm the installation location of the bathroom cabinet. Since the installation of the bathroom cabinet requires holes in the wall, water inlet and drain holes are also required. After installation, generally the position cannot be moved. Therefore, confirming the installation location of the bathroom cabinet is a prerequisite before installation.
2. When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, determine the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet according to the installation location: After the location of the bathroom cabinet is determined, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation location.
3. Find the piping diagram of the water pipe and the wiring diagram of the electric wire: when installing, an air drill should be used to drill holes on the wall, so it is very important to confirm the piping diagram and wiring diagram before installation. If the water pipe or wire wiring diagram is damaged, some wall tiles must be pried open, causing unnecessary losses.
4. Determine the installation height of the bathroom cabinet: the standard installation height of the general bathroom cabinet is 80~85cm, calculated from the floor tile to the upper part of the washbasin. The specific installation height should be determined according to the height and usage habits of family members, but it is most suitable within the standard height range.
5. Bathroom cabinet accessories and installation: The accessories and installation methods of each bathroom cabinet are different, that is, the punching size (the size of the hole on the wall) of the same model is different, but the installation process is basically the same.

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