How to fix the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-21

As one of the three major sections of the bathroom cabinet series, the bathroom cabinet not only carries functions such as functions and storage space, but also can make up for the shortcomings of the bathroom to a certain extent. At present, there are a wide variety of bathroom cabinets on the market. According to its installation method, it is mainly divided into floor-standing bathroom cabinets and wall-mounted bathroom cabinets.

1. Install the main cabinet first:

Select the wall opening to be installed according to the opening position on the back wall of the cabinet, but the height of the counter top from the ground is between 80-82CM. Drill holes in the wall with a hammer drill and insert the plastic fittings inside the cabinet into the holes. Then use self-powered screws to lock the main cabinet to the wall. After the main cabinet is installed, adjust the basin to the wooden cap of the cabinet and level it.

2. Shelves:

The installation method of the dedicated rack is the same as that of the main cabinet. After drilling a hole in the wall at the appropriate location, tighten it with screws.

3. Bathroom Mirror:

First, according to the position of the two holes on the back of the mirror, set the position of the two holes on the wall of the corresponding bitmap above the main cabinet, but the size of the bottom end of the mirror and the main counter surface is between 23-28CM, then punch and screw superior. Working screws so you can mount the mirror.

4. Side cabinet:

Generally, the side cabinets are mostly floor-standing, and the floor-standing side cabinets only need to fix the cabinet feet. If the side cabinets are all wall-mounted, please refer to the installation method of the main cabinet.

5. Precautions for installation of bathroom cabinets:

1. Design and installation of sewer pipes: Before installing the bathroom cabinet, you must consider whether it is wall drainage or floor drainage. If it is wall drainage, the hole reserved on the wall of the downpipe is 50-55 cm away from the ground, centered on the center of the cabinet. As long as the floor drainage hole is in the center of the cabinet, it should not be too far from the wall.

2. Water inlet pipe: The outlet of the hot and cold water inlet pipe can be in the middle of the cabinet, but the distance from the ground should be between 45-50cm or slightly higher.

3. Mirror front light: If you need to install a mirror front light, the outlet is about 200cm away from the ground and placed in the middle of the bathroom cabinet.

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