How to distinguish product quality when customizing all-aluminum furniture

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-04

From just wanting to have a home to eagerly improving a healthy lifestyle and the natural environment has already become the keynote of everyone.

The real estate industry continues to develop rapidly, and the construction and decoration industry is naturally rising. At present, many families are very cautious in terms of interior decoration and purchase. There are many compounds in wooden furniture, and it is easy to release formaldehyde when used for interior decoration, and it cannot be recycled after use, resulting in huge resource consumption and ecological air pollution. The biggest driving force for illegal logging and illegal logging comes from the wood product consumption market.

In recent years, in addition to traditional wooden furniture, stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy furniture have also been derived. Both stainless steel and aluminum do not use chemicals such as glue, and can be recycled, gradually becoming the main products in the market. However, the cost of stainless steel plate engineering is expensive, and its quality is heavy, and the color tone is relatively single.

Then there is aluminum alloy furniture. Aluminum alloy furniture is light in weight and high in compressive strength. And the application of aluminum itself in the construction and decoration industry is more common. The colors and designs are very rich. And there is no evaporation of harmful chemicals, becoming the protagonist of a new generation of household products.

So how to distinguish the quality of aluminum products?

1. Look at the profile section

At the present stage, there are three kinds of profiles in the all-aluminum industry: solid-core entire PCB circuit boards, internal cavity splicing, and all-honeycomb aluminum panels. No matter what kind of profile, whether it is suitable or not depends on the thickness of the profile, which determines the quality of the product. More than 99% of all aluminum furniture materials are aluminum alloy profiles. The material wall thickness (above 1.0) and surface treatment seem to be very important, especially surface treatment (shape, layering, etc.), smoothness Well, it shows that the raw materials used for making are better. The texture and wiring of the surface metal material are neat and smooth, which is considered a better aluminum alloy profile.

2. Look at the hardness and softness of the material

The gloss and texture of the all-aluminum home profile seen by the human eye only prove that it is not a bad aluminum profile, but the all-aluminum home customization is not just based on this point, everyone basically recognizes the thickness of the aluminum profile according to the layering sense of the hand touch (required Only when it is above 1.0 can the bearing force be standardized and not easily deformed). In addition, the hardness and softness of the material can also be identified according to the relevant data information (wall thickness, oxide film thickness, etc.) provided by the factory.

3. Look at the product style

When choosing custom-made furniture, style is very important. When all-aluminum home customization provides you with a lot of home choices, it must be based on the placement and design style of the home. When grasping its quality, you must see whether the home style you make can meet your own family atmosphere and design style. Requirements, and the customization of aluminum alloy furniture of different styles can also reflect different functions, and we should pay attention to it when distinguishing quality.

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