How to deal with the top of the wardrobe if it can't be done

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-24

The height of the wardrobe is generally 2.4 meters long, but the height of the general house is generally more than 2.7 meters. In this way, the foundation of the wardrobe cannot be topped! So how to deal with the top of the wardrobe Or take advantage of it? Let’s talk about this topic today!

1. Suspended ceiling or sealing board

When decorating, consider the space problem at the top of the closet, make a ceiling or sealing board on the closet in advance, and pre-bury a height of 2.4 meters to make the closet, so that the overall appearance of the space will be better.

2. Built-in wardrobe

The design of the wardrobe embedded in the wall is similar to the ceiling and the sealing plate. By building the edge of the wardrobe on the wall, and hanging the ceiling as a part of the sealing plate, the whole wardrobe looks like it is placed in the wall. , the visual effect is unified and simple.

3. Wall cabinets

If there is no ceiling treatment in the decoration process, or if the room type is small and you want to make good use of the space, then you can install a wall cabinet on the top of the wardrobe when customizing the wardrobe, but this wall cabinet can only be placed Some items that are not common in different seasons, after all, are usually difficult to reach in such high-level wooden cabinets.

4. Put the locker basket

If the decoration price budget is a bit small, or if you buy a finished wardrobe, then you can place a storage basket on the top of the wardrobe. The storage basket can be taken out anytime and anywhere, and at the same time, it can prevent the objects placed on it from accumulating dust .

5. Install the wardrobe on the foundation beam

Custom-made furniture If the room size of the house is good enough, and there is a beam on the wardrobe, then putting the wardrobe under the beam is a multi-purpose design.

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