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How to deal with the surface of the bathroom cabinet better?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-15

  1. Stickers

   Stickers are melamine paper, the standard name is melamine paper melamine impregnated film paper, which is a plain base paper or printed decorative paper impregnated with amino resin (melamine formaldehyde resin and urea formaldehyde resin) and dried to a certain extent , Adhesive paper with a certain resin content and volatile content can be glued to each other or glued to the artificial board substrate after hot pressing.

   melamine paper can be attached to the surface of multi-layer board, particle board (moisture-proof board), and MDF to form a wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and scald-resistant protective film. Melamine veneer is also called paint-free board, which does not need to be sprayed with paint, and is bonded to the substrate by hot pressing.

  2. Paste skin

   pasting the skin means sticking the veneer, and sticking a thin layer of log on the board. Common veneers include cherry veneer, walnut veneer, maple veneer, and beech veneer. They have natural color and natural texture, which can achieve the same look and feel as solid wood, but the price is lower than solid wood bathroom cabinets.

  The leather facing can be attached to MDF, multilayer board, blockboard, but generally not used on particle board (particle board). The surface of the particle board (particle board) has obvious graininess, which is not smooth enough and difficult to stick. It is prone to cracking and affects the waterproof effect.

  3. Paint

  The paint base material is solid wood and MDF. Spray paint on the polished solid wood and boards to form a protective paint film.

   In addition to a simple painting process, there is also a baking process. Baking paint is more complicated than spray painting steps. Spray paint only needs to flatten the surface and spray paint, while baking paint requires three times of primer and four times of top coat on the substrate. Each time the paint is applied, it needs to be sent to a dust-free constant temperature baking. Room baking. But in terms of effect, baking paint is better than spray paint, the surface is smooth, the paint film is more uniform, and the color and brightness are fuller.

  4. Film pressure, blister

  Film pressure and blister are both covered with PVC film on the substrate. There is no substantial difference in the finishing effect achieved after the last. The two different names of 'film pressure and blister' are due to The actual processing process of the two is different: the film pressure is to press the PVC film on the board; the blister is to use the vacuum suction to suck the PVC film on the board.

   Film pressing and blister can only be processed on density board and multilayer board. The surface of the particle board is uneven and the shape is rough. The solid wood will expand and contract due to heat, causing the PVC film to deform and crack.

   has various types of film pressure and suction molding, with rich colors and textures. It directly wraps the board without any need for edge banding, which avoids the problem of edge banding and gluing. However, it is not resistant to scratches or high temperatures, and a cigarette butt may damage the PVC film.

  Different base materials of    bathroom vanity have different finishes, which can be selected according to budget and decoration style.

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