How to customize the wardrobe to fit more, pay attention to these points

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-24

As the main part of the whole bedroom, the wardrobe should pay special attention to its design and production. What we need is a truly customized exclusive wardrobe, which can realize its application value to a greater extent, so First, everyone should pay attention to the following aspects to make the wardrobe more suitable.

focus on humanization

The interior decoration style of each home is different, and the size of the wardrobe storage space is also different. The purpose of customizing the wardrobe depends on personalization. You can customize it according to your own space structure, and combine your own hobbies and interior decoration styles. Choose the design style of the wardrobe. Instead of seeing the beautiful wardrobe of other people's home, I want to customize one that is exactly the same. Even if it looks good in other people's home, it may not have the same effect if I copy it mechanically in my own home.

Pay attention to style selection

The biggest advantage of custom wardrobe is that you can choose your favorite color and style. The overall appearance of the wardrobe depends mainly on the cabinet door, so the color and material of the cabinet door should be determined according to one's own preferences, and should be consistent with the overall bedroom style. The style of the door can be determined according to the space. The wardrobe of a small room can be designed as a sliding door, and the cabinet door can be designed as a sliding door for a large space. When choosing a style, choose durable and wear-resistant materials, which are convenient for cleaning and cleaning later.

Pay attention to the internal structure

The design of the wardrobe should fully consider the needs of the application team members, and then make a clear distinction. The typical family structure in China is the '421' type, that is, the elderly, children and couples. The elderly are relatively older, and it will be more troublesome to act. The main functional divisions should not be designed too low. Go down and pick and place; children's wardrobe design can be more varied, because they grow faster, it is necessary to consider the child's height, and effectively set his wardrobe function partition; young people's clothes are more diversified, so for The spatial layout of the wardrobe will be more delicate, which is convenient for daily use.

Focus on applicability

It is important to understand that the most important function of a wardrobe is to store clothes. If the surface is gorgeous, but the interior cannot meet the requirements of storage shelves, then this wardrobe is useless. The size of the wardrobe can be determined according to the requirements of the storage shelf and the size of the space. If there is a lot of space for the wardrobe, you can consider a walk-in cloakroom, which has strong storage capacity and is convenient and fast. If the space for placing the wardrobe is not too large, you can consider a wardrobe with a guaranteed top. The wall cabinet can flexibly use the vertical space to store large items.

The price of custom wardrobes is slightly higher than that of ordinary wardrobes. Naturally, the price must be reasonable. The higher price is considered to be the value of custom wardrobes. Therefore, when customizing, everyone must pay attention to quality and the human nature of the internal structure of the wardrobe. There are also different needs of family members, so the customized wardrobe is the most comprehensive and cost-effective, and it is also the most suitable!

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