How to create light luxury custom furniture?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-04

In the past two years, the wind of light luxury goods has been blowing a bit fiercely. There is a wave of light luxury in fashion, design and home decor. So, what is light luxury style? Furniture customization Tell you what kind of customized furniture really meets light luxury?

There are two core concepts, one is affordable and the other is luxury. Specifically, light luxury is just a lifestyle that respects the quality of life more. 'Light' represents a low-key and comfortable life attitude; 'Luxury' represents luxury, but it is a state that does not cause stress, and has nothing to do with wealth and status. Furniture customization and light luxury wind energy are popular in China, which originated from post-80s and post-90s The rise of consumer groups has brought about a new round of consumption upgrades. They don't like things that are too extravagant, and they don't all trust brands. On the contrary, they pay more attention to the quality beyond the price, which is also related to the fact that most Chinese have basically got rid of conspicuous consumption and become more rational and tasteful. The key point about wardrobe design: whether the wardrobe is easy to use depends on the interior space layout. The wardrobe is generally divided into three areas: upper, middle and lower.

The upper area is for luggage or quilts, the middle area is for hanging or folding clothes, and the lower area is designed with more drawers to accommodate small clothes such as underwear or socks. The door panel of the wardrobe should be selected according to the size of the space. If your bedroom space is relatively large, you can choose a hidden wardrobe. If your wardrobe space is relatively small, you can choose a sliding door wardrobe to save space for opening the door panels. TV cabinet design points: TV cabinets are common custom-made furniture in modern families. When customizing TV cabinets, we pay special attention to its functions and quality. For this alone, this TV cabinet can follow the 28 principles. 80% of the cabinets are closed with a door panel, and 20% of the cabinets are opened without a door panel. Everything is hidden in cabinets so there is no clutter in the house. As for the quality of light luxury furniture, it is mainly reflected in the overall spraying technology, which is very important for solid-color furniture, especially custom-made furniture. The spraying of furniture should be even, the hand feel should be smooth and full, and the fine lines should feel better. In addition, this kind of spraying will make the color of the furniture brighter and double the sense of luxury. The popularity of light luxury custom furniture has given us more choices. People who pursue light luxury life and love high-end quality of life are very suitable for light luxury furniture.

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