How to correctly understand environmentally friendly custom furniture

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-03

Many young people today no longer simply buy simple furniture, but choose custom-made furniture that is comfortable and satisfying and in line with their own design style. Little do they know that after choosing custom-made furniture, many people find that the quality of custom-made furniture is not as good as expected, and gradually complain that the quality of custom-made furniture is poor. In fact, when purchasing custom furniture, you only need to pay attention to these details, which will greatly reduce the occurrence of product quality problems.

Environmental Protection Features

What you need to pay attention to when customizing furniture is the quality of the board. Different boards have different costs and their quality is also different. The quality of the board directly affects the service life of the furniture. There are various types of panels for custom-made furniture, and different types have different environmental protection levels. The amount of formaldehyde released from panels is the most important environmental protection indicator.

At present, there are E0, E1, and E2 grades commonly used in the market. The formaldehyde consumption of E0 grade is ≤0.5mg/L, the formaldehyde consumption of E1 grade is ≤1.5mg/L, and the formaldehyde consumption of E2 grade is ≤5mg/L. In the field of wood in my country, the mandatory standard 'Formaldehyde Release Limits in Interior Decoration Materials Wood-based Panels and Their Products' unifies the formaldehyde emission limit value E1 standard and cancels the E2 level. In other words, according to the new standard, all products on the market must be It must comply with the new environmental protection regulations, that is, above the E1 level.

Nail holding power

Second, pay attention to the reliability of the quality of custom-made furniture panels, which is usually reflected in the hand nailing force. Plates with good nail holding power generally have relatively high density, compressive strength, and strength. In addition, the nail holding power is related to the processing technology of steel nails. The greater the roughness of the steel nail surface, the greater the nail holding power of the plate. good. The size of nail holding force generally depends on the type of board, moisture content, relative density, strength, ductility, steel nail and board surface, etc.

Moisture absorption rate

The moisture content refers to the plasticity of the board after absorbing moisture. The greater the moisture content, the greater the decrease in strength of the board after returning to moisture, and the volume will expand and shrink. In severe cases, the surface may bulge or fall off, which will affect the service life of the product. The water resistance of the board is not only related to the material, but also the surface processing technology directly affects the waterproof ability. In order to better waterproof, a certain proportion of waterproof particles will be added during the production process of the board, that is to say, 'white' Ecological Board'. In addition, the hemming process of the board also affects the properties of the board to a large extent. Only when the hemming is done well, the board shell can be better protected, formaldehyde and other harmful substances are not easy to release, and the use of the product The period will be longer.

Static compressive strength

To put it bluntly, the static bending strength is the pressure that the wood-based panel can withstand when it is bent until it breaks. The static bending strength is a very important index. What is the ability to bear the load, is it easy to deform, etc., if the index value of these aspects is low, it means that the product is not qualified, and the furniture made of such unqualified products has a relatively high wear rate during use.

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