How to choose the right custom furniture for the whole house?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-05

Now it is more and more popular to customize the whole house furniture, so how can we choose the furniture that suits us? To choose suitable custom-made furniture for the whole house, you need to measure it in terms of environmental protection, economy, beauty, and life expectancy. On the premise of understanding everything, you also need to know the better custom-made whole-house corporate brands on the market and their production processes. , After sales and so on. Next, the whole house customization editor will introduce how to choose the appropriate whole house custom furniture:

1. Choose green and environmentally friendly materials. Some furniture inevitably contains formaldehyde. If the formaldehyde content is too high, it will cause adverse effects on the health of consumers.

2. Whether the thickness of the cabinet door is thick and whether the height is up to standard. At present, the most common combination in the market is the combination of solid wood particle board and MDF (the most economical). The specific combination depends on your own economic situation.

3. Whether the cabinet body is professional, whether the design is in line with the trend, and whether the overall matching is consistent. However, non-brand wardrobes are often pieced together and cannot be completely unified.

4. Economy is an important factor in furniture customization. Don't blindly follow the trend, choose branded wardrobe products that are satisfactory to consumers and have high market awareness.

The last thing is to look at after-sales. Generally, better whole house custom furniture brands can provide fast maintenance services.

The times are developing and the society is progressing. Many people have very high requirements when decorating a house. Everyone knows that to decorate a house requires the homeowner to know a lot of knowledge, especially when buying household products. .

The above is all the content introduced by the whole house customization editor. If you want to know more relevant information, please pay attention!

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