How to choose the material of bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-27

1. The metal high-leg bathroom cabinet design rejects moisture corrosion and has the advantages of firmness and durability, but the disadvantage is that it is not well matched with the cabinet body and is not fashionable enough.

If the bathroom vanity is made of wood or composite material, it is easy to be damp, and it will unknowingly lead the moisture to the cabinet, which will eventually cause all cabinets to deform. If metal is used as the leg material to support the cabinet at the bottom of the cabinet, the problem will be solved ingeniously. In addition, the aluminum cabinet legs have strong bones and are fearless in the face of the pressure of the basin. The rust-proof feature ensures that the cabinet legs will not rust after contact with water. Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing bathroom vanity, it is best to purchase cabinet legs made of stainless steel or plastic.

2. Waterproof materials can effectively block water vapor. They are rich in materials and have a large selection space. The disadvantage is that some materials cannot be 100% moisture-proof.

The wooden bathroom cabinet is easy to deform after absorbing water, so it has very strict requirements on the surrounding environment. The bathroom of an ordinary family generally only has a few square meters of space, and it is not easy to divide the dry and wet areas. Therefore, when purchasing a bathroom cabinet, you can choose to use composite panels such as fireproof panels, wear-resistant panels, and high-molecular polymers as the cabinet surface materials. They not only have good moisture resistance, but can also simulate the color of solid wood.

3. The new box material is an invisible killer of water vapor, with the advantages of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and pollution-free, but the disadvantage is that the market price is relatively high.

The box material is the main body of the bathroom vanity, but it is often concealed by the surface material and is easily overlooked by people. Since the material of the cabinet cannot be seen within the scope of sight, many people think that it does not matter to buy a cheap bathroom cabinet. In fact, not any panel can be used as the cabinet material of the bathroom cabinet, only those special panels that are moisture-proof and breathable can take on this important task. For example, the bathroom vanity with green moisture-proofing agent in the board not only has moisture-proof and anti-corrosion effect, but also has no pollution.


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