How to choose the bathroom cabinet structure?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-19

How to choose the bathroom cabinet structure? There are many differences in the structure of bathroom cabinets. The choice depends on your preferences and habits.

This Double Bowl Wall Mounted Modern Elegant Bathroom Furniture Bathroom Vanity Set Fully Enclosed
The fully enclosed bathroom cabinet has strong storage capacity, and needless to say, it is also very waterproof.

half open bathroom cabinet
The semi-open structure is very convenient to use, and ordinary items can be taken and placed at will. But you should pay more attention to storage at ordinary times, otherwise you will be exposed as 'ugly'!

open bathroom cabinet
There are two common forms of bathroom cabinets, one is a floor-standing bathroom cabinet whose bottom is in contact with the ground and supported by the ground, and the other is a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet whose bottom is suspended and supported. Via the wall connector.

bathroom cabinet floor type
The floor-standing bathroom cabinet can be installed at will without being restricted by the wall, making it easy to carry and store heavy objects. Correspondingly, the bottom of the cabinet is in contact with the ground, which is prone to moisture, and the ground is difficult to clean.

wall mounted bathroom cabinet
The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is not easy to be troubled by moisture, and the bottom is suspended, which is not easy to produce hygienic dead corners and is more convenient to clean.
The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet should be installed with a load-bearing wall or a solid wall, otherwise it will be difficult to bear the weight of the cabinet.

bathroom cabinet material
Since the bathroom is a place to deal with accumulated water all year round, it is inevitable to be wet, so there are also many considerations in the choice of bathroom cabinets.

PVC bathroom cabinets are made of PVC. Waterproof and durable. PVC material is rich in color and style, and the price is relatively cheap.
However, the PVC material made of chemical board contains more harmful substances, and it is easy to be poisoned when exposed to high temperature. Families with the elderly, pregnant women, and children should choose carefully.

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