How to choose common bathroom cabinets and basins?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-06

  一. Hanging and floor-standing bathroom vanity

  1. Hanging bathroom vanity

  Hanging bathroom vanity are not easy to have sanitary corners, because a distance from the ground can reduce some moisture from extending into the cabinet. If the toilet space is not enough, there is no way to effectively separate the dry and wet, the hanging bathroom The cabinet is a good choice. Of course, the hanging bathroom cabinet can not be installed at will, it must be a load-bearing wall or a solid wall, and insulation walls and lightweight walls must not be installed. manufacturer, bathroom vanity manufacturer, Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturer.

  2. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet

   Compared with hanging bathroom vanity, floor-standing bathroom cabinets do not have any rigid requirements for installation. Everyone knows that the moisture density in the bathroom air is relatively high (commonly known as humidity). For bathroom cabinet owners, they prefer to use wooden materials. If the material process is unstable, it is prone to mold and deformation, so floor-standing bathroom cabinets are more suitable for dry and wet. Separate toilet.

   2. How to choose the basin of the bathroom cabinet?

  1. Above counter basin

   Advantages: Most of the above counter basins are separated from the countertop, the edge is obviously higher than the countertop, and the shape design can have many changes. The four sides of the above counter basin are evenly stressed. When repairing, you only need to remove the glass glue and pick it up directly from the countertop.

   Disadvantages: water stains are easy to splash, and there are more gaps and dead corners during installation, which increases the cleaning work time. In the course of use, we found that if the process does not meet the standard, the glass glue will open the glue, and if it is used for a long time, the glass glue is also prone to yellowing and blackening.

  2. Under counter basin

  Advantages: The water flows into the basin after a wipe with a rag. The under-counter basin is not easy to leak under the countertop, and it is very worry-free to clean in the later stage. The under-counter basin is embedded in the countertop, and the overall effect of the cabinet is better, and it is beautiful and generous.

   Disadvantages: The under-counter basin is inlaid below the countertop, which requires high technology for grinding on the four sides, and the installation is more laborious. If the master's skills are excellent, it can be used for a longer time after installation.

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