How to choose bathroom furniture?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-19

Although there are more and more merchants dealing in bathroom furniture, bathroom furniture is not accepted by every consumer. Especially in the south, where the climate is relatively humid, many people doubt whether the wooden bathroom furniture placed in the bathroom can withstand the humid bathroom environment. Today's bathroom furniture designers have considered this problem and come up with a comprehensive solution. The designer has carried out multiple waterproof coatings on the surface of wooden furniture, so that the bathroom furniture has better moisture resistance to adapt to the bathroom. Indoor humid environment.

It is understood that although bathroom furniture has many styles and changes rapidly, it can basically be divided into four types in terms of materials. One is based on solid wood, the second on glass, the third on acrylic and the fourth on triurethane veneer.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets, in order to maintain the natural texture of the wood grain, look natural and thick, high-end and elegant, manufacturers basically use degreasing drying and spray painting to overcome the weakness of solid wood furniture that requires high humidity. .But the price of solid wood bathroom furniture on the market is relatively expensive, and this kind of bathroom cabinet is not scratch-resistant.

Consumers must pay attention to the safety performance of glass bathroom cabinets when purchasing. It is best to use fully tempered glass with a thickness of 15mm to 19mm. It is best to avoid violent impact when using it.

Acrylic bathroom furniture is the most colorful, with a variety of colors to choose from, making the bathroom full of vitality. Industry insiders pointed out that consumers should pay more attention when choosing acrylic materials. Generally, acrylic boards have poor heat resistance, and are easy to fade, lose luster or even crack. Therefore, don't choose ordinary acrylic for cheap, so as not to have a long service life.

The price of trimer veneer bathroom furniture is relatively low, and it is the product with the largest sales volume in the market. Generally speaking, its size is between 1 meter and 1.5 meters, and it can even be customized according to the size of the bathroom. The base material of this kind of melamine board is generally moisture-proof board and density board, and some small businesses use particle board as the base material. According to industry insiders, after Typhoon Dragon King, in some bathroom cabinets with water ingress, the base material of MDF and moisture-proof board can relatively withstand the test, while the base material of particle board is not waterproof at all and is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, consumers are buying Be sure to ask clearly about the material of the substrate.

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