How to choose bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-10

are indispensable things in the family bathroom. Women’s cosmetics and toiletries, and men’s toiletries, are all placed in it, so this is an important household item, but you know how to choose a bathroom vanity NS? The following decoration franchise network will tell us the selection method of bathroom vanity.

The materials selected for high-end bathroom cabinets are mainly solid wood, PVC and MDF.

The most unsuitable is MDF. Since MDF is pressed from wood fragments, it has weak moisture resistance and is prone to mold, deformation, and peeling in humid air for a long time.

Next is the PVC sheet, the water resistance is undeniable, because the PVC sheet has a large number of plastic components, its environmental protection and high temperature resistance (heating) ability is greatly reduced.

Solid wood is the base material. It depends on the surface treatment process of the wood. Since wood is a natural material, it goes without saying that it is environmentally friendly. The surface has wood lacquer to resist the attack of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays, ensuring that the substrate will not crack and deform when used in the bathroom for a long time.

The countertops of bathroom cabinets are generally made of marble and artificial stone. The patterns of marble are diverse, there are many varieties, and the price is cheap. But the disadvantage is that the water absorption rate is high and it is easy to produce cracks.

In summary, the decoration franchise network reminds you that solid wood is the most suitable cabinet material. Because the price of solid wood panels is slightly higher, the prices of solid wood cabinets on the market are higher than other panels. However, considering the difference in durability, it is recommended that you choose solid wood as the main material of the bathroom vanity. The countertop should be ceramic best.

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