How to choose bathroom cabinets of different sizes?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-07

  一. Which is the best bathroom vanity material?

   1. First of all, it is divided into common and important material composition. can be roughly divided into solid wood bathroom cabinets, ceramic bathroom cabinets, PVC bathroom cabinets, acrylic bathroom cabinets, MDF bathroom cabinets, glass bathroom vanity, There are several kinds of stainless steel bathroom cabinets.

  2. According to the installation method, there are two types of hanging bathroom cabinets and floor-standing bathroom cabinets. Hanging bathroom cabinets hanging underground are easy to take care of, and can prevent the moisture in the bathroom from extending into the cabinet. The installation of hanging bathroom cabinets must be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall. Insulation walls and lightweight partition walls cannot be installed. Floor-standing bathroom cabinets have no wall restrictions. Relatively speaking, the cabinets are difficult to maintain underground and are prone to moisture.

  3. According to the wash basin material on the bathroom cabinet, it can also be divided into ceramic basin bathroom cabinet, glass basin bathroom vanity, stainless steel basin bathroom cabinet and microcrystalline stone basin bathroom cabinet.

  二. The key points to understand when buying bathroom cabinets

  1, pick the right material. The previous classification introduces the characteristics of several common substrates of bathroom cabinets, and consumers can choose according to their needs. In the actual selection, the bathroom of an ordinary family generally only has a few square meters of space, and it is not easy to achieve dry and wet partitions. When purchasing bathroom cabinets, you can use composite panels such as fireproof panels, wear-resistant panels, and high molecular polymers as cabinet surface materials. They not only have good moisture resistance, but can also simulate the color of solid wood. Check the material of the bathroom cabinet, pay attention to whether the surface is scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and the hardware hinges, slide rails and other accessories of the cabinet should be tested on the spot to see if it is smooth and noise-free. It is better if there is damping at the opening and closing of the cabinet. NS.

  2. Choose a suitable style. There are two types of bathroom cabinets: floor-mounted and wall-mounted. Floor-mounted bathroom cabinets are suitable for modern bathroom with separate dry and wet rooms and large space. The wall-mounted design saves space, is easy to take care of, and eliminates sanitary corners. It divides the space reasonably by arranging multiple elements such as shelves, storage cabinets, and floor cabinets, thereby effectively increasing the storage function of bathroom furniture, and also making the functions of washing, making up, and changing clothes tend to be clearly separated.

  3. Choose different specifications of bathroom cabinets according to the area and design of the bathroom. The traditional bathroom space is small. You can choose a single cabinet combined with a mirror surface or a hanging cabinet suitable for corners, and the other is on the edge of the mirror. A small Duobaoge etc. are embedded under the porch, which does not affect the original space and does not need to replace the basic equipment, so that the small bathroom also has exquisite and practical storage equipment.

  4. Shop by color. The colors of the bathroom cabinets are varied, and the overall design of the bathroom shall prevail when purchasing. Generally, light colors are the mainstay, which can make the bathroom look neat and elegant, and it is also easy to match with various bathroom designs of different designs. The dark-colored bathroom cabinets are more resistant to dirt, and if there are some small wear on the surface, it will not appear too obvious. In addition, the color of translucent mirror texture can be used to make the bathroom look clear and cool.

  5. Style matching. mainly have 4 styles: fashion, nostalgia, freshness and simplicity. Fashionable bathroom cabinets use bold colors and designs, which are suitable for home decoration of young owners; while nostalgic and classic bathroom cabinets are elegant and generous, which can enhance the taste of the bathroom; natural and fresh bathroom cabinets are the mainstream of fashion bathroom cabinets. First, the design will not be too exaggerated, suitable for a variety of styles of bathroom design; while the simple style is more popular. Although the simple design has fewer surprises, it is better than practical.

  3. Purchase bathroom vanity of different sizes in different spaces

  1, large space

   The large space is suitable for the selection of the overall bathroom cabinets with multiple functions and large sizes. The bathroom vanity with auxiliary facilities such as vanity mirrors, mirror lights, shelves, etc., coexist with multiple elements, full of dynamic and modern fashion atmosphere, forming A multi-purpose whole, so that each item has an independent storage space, the use of functions is also more perfect, more humane and comfortable.

  2, small space

  The compact space is suitable for combined and wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, which can effectively separate dry and wet, but also keep it clean and tidy. The bathroom vanity with mirror cabinet design can store cosmetics, towels and other items , It makes full use of the free space of the bathroom wall, is convenient to use, meets everyone's needs, and can meet the wide range of storage needs in the bathroom environment to the greatest extent.

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