How to choose bathroom cabinet for villa decoration?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-08

   Noble decoration can reflect a person’s taste and style. Especially some rich bosses or successful people, living in luxury villas, prefer to make their homes unique, relaxed and comfortable, and luxurious. Since it is a home, the decoration of the bathroom is indispensable, so the villa bathroom cabinet was born. Today we are exploring together the question of how to choose solid wood villa bathroom cabinets.

   First of all, look at the grade to buy well-known brands. are large objects and will only be replaced in ten or twenty years, and most consumers will buy well-known brands. The grades of solid wood bathroom vanity are divided into high-grade, medium-grade and general grade. The exterior material of the high-end solid wood bathroom cabinet is a single tree species, and the texture is the same, the coating color is bright, the wood grain is clear, the surface is fully polished, and it is as bright as a mirror.

The second key to choosing the villa bathroom cabinet is to look at the surface. Make a general observation of the solid wood bathroom cabinets, and look at the color, smoothness, and waterproof and moisture-proof functions of the surface of the bathroom cabinets as a whole. For example, the combination and set of furniture must first see whether the outer surface color is coordinated, whether the color is consistent, whether the paint film is full and clean, and so on.

   Look at the cabinet basin: it depends on whether the glaze surface of the cabinet basin is smooth, whether there are defects such as cracks, lack of glaze, brown eyes, pits, etc., high-end cabinet basins feel very smooth and delicate, and all kinds of performance can be achieved The requirements of national standards. There are many types of ceramic cabinet basins. You can choose the style you like according to the size and location of the bathroom space. The matching of the cabinet basin should match the bathroom properly, with the same color and style.

   Countertop: The countertop selection of bathroom cabinets must take into account its durability and ease of cleaning. Current bathroom countertops are generally divided into natural stone, all kinds of artificial stone, ceramic surface integrated with basin, acrylic surface and other materials. At present, most high-end bathroom cabinets are equipped with natural stone countertops. The marble countertops have a soft, beautiful and solemn texture and elegant style; they have good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, low temperature deformation, easy cleaning, and low water absorption.

  Look at the faucet: In high-end bathrooms, faucet hardware is the most eye-catching among all sanitary products. Good faucet hardware attracts many mid-to-high-end consumers with its diverse design and exquisite workmanship.

   Look at the mirror surface: The mirror surface of the bathroom cabinet has a variety of styles, such as square, oval, egg round, etc., or a single whole, mirror edge edging, mirror carved, exquisite and practical, or as a part of the bathroom vanity. Mirror lights and vanity cabinets create a unified bathroom space. From the appearance point of view, bath mirrors can be roughly divided into three types, generally large bath mirrors, table mirrors and embedded bath mirrors.

   Look at the storage and storage: The design of the storage function directly affects the practicality and convenience of consumers. There are always a lot of miscellaneous things in the bathroom, such as bath towels, towels, shampoo and shower gel, facial cleanser, cosmetics, toothbrush cups, etc. If they are not properly stored, even if the bathroom is large, it will be messed up, and if it is a small bathroom, It's even more messy. Therefore, the bathroom storage is very important.

   Look at hardware accessories (door hinges, guide rails): The quality of hardware accessories directly affects the service life of bathroom cabinets. The waterproof and moisture-proof of hardware accessories is also one of the standards to measure the quality of materials. Among them, the product's opening and closing times, service life and noise reduction are the main assessment points.

   Look at the cabinet feet: Nowadays, there are more and more styles of bathroom cabinets. However, when choosing bathroom cabinets, many consumers only look at the surface and compare the price, but ignore the moisture-proof performance of the bathroom vanity. Its moisture-proof function is directly Affect the service life of bathroom cabinets. It is best to choose stainless steel bathroom cabinets that use metal cabinet feet, and have the characteristics of anti-rust, so that you don't have to worry about the cabinet feet being corroded by moisture, and the use time can naturally be extended.

   Look at the handle: When most consumers buy bathroom vanity, they usually only look at the more conspicuous places such as the appearance, material, basin and countertop, but the unique door handle is also one of its highlights.

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