How to choose a wardrobe for wardrobe customization?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-23

Many people do not know how to choose a wardrobe for the first decoration. In order to save worry and effort, they will directly choose a custom wardrobe. As a result, when I entered the furniture city, I found that there were too many styles and categories of wardrobe customization, plus all kinds of fancy marketing and deception by the merchants. Instead, I was at a loss and didn't know what to look at. Next, the wardrobe customization editor will introduce to you how to choose a wardrobe for decoration wardrobe customization:

1. Choose woodworking or brand customization

Wardrobe customization usually includes two ways, one is to find a carpenter to do it on site, and the other is to directly find a brand to customize.

Usually, branded wardrobes are customized, and designers will come to design according to the needs, which is highly applicable, and this method does not need to worry too much about the craftsmanship, and it is basically a one-stop service.

However, woodworking needs to buy the boards in advance and find a good master before construction. If the craftsmanship is not in place, it will be difficult to maintain later. It will cost a little more to find a brand to customize, but it will save you worry. Of course, it still depends on your actual situation, and you should choose comprehensively.

1) Panels: Whether you choose woodworking or brand customization, panels are the top priority.

At present, there are four kinds of common wardrobe panels on the market: particle board, density board, multi-layer solid wood and solid wood. Among them, particle board is very commonly used, it is durable and strong, and many big brands are also using particle board. But pay attention to its environmental protection degree when buying. Generally, E1 panels that meet EU standards are safe panels. If a merchant recommends you E0 panels, you must be credulous. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose solid wood boards. It is not recommended to choose density boards, which are not environmentally friendly and durable. In addition, remember to check whether the edge sealing of the board is smooth and free of glue, otherwise it will affect the formaldehyde emission and moisture-proof performance.

2) Hardware: In addition to the panels, the second most important thing is the cabinet hardware. The quality of the hardware affects the service life of the wardrobe.

Door hinges, rebounders, clothes rails, drawer rails, wardrobe handles, etc. all belong to cabinet hardware. Be sure to choose hardware with good quality and a certain well-known brand, otherwise the long-term use of the wardrobe will cause problems such as unsmooth push and pull and cabinet falling. If you feel that the price of brand custom wardrobe hardware is too high, you can choose the hardware yourself and ask the master to install it. Anyway, except for the hinges, the hardware of the wardrobe will be charged separately, so don’t feel embarrassed.

3) Door panels: Wardrobe door panels are divided into three types: swing doors, folding doors and sliding doors. Due to differences in opening methods, you should consider the size of your own room when customizing the wardrobe to see which one is more suitable.

Suggestion: If the space is not very tight, you can choose a swing door, which is durable and beautiful, and it is easier to clean and maintain than folding doors and sliding doors, and the cost is also lower.

4) Cabinet layout: In addition to the cabinet body, attention should also be paid to the design of the cabinet layout. Plan the space inside the cabinet in advance, and try to let the designer make the partition into an adjustable style with high flexibility, so that it will be extra worry-free to organize clothes in the future.

5) Contract: When signing a contract with a brand, discuss details such as installation time and warranty time in advance, so as to avoid additional costs during installation and waste of money.

In addition, you should go to the site to supervise the custom installation of the wardrobe to see if there are any omissions or cut corners. Check and accept in time to check whether the cabinet body is strong, whether the drawers are smooth, whether the door panels are easy to open, etc., and adjust as soon as possible if any problems are found.

The above is all the content introduced by the wardrobe customization editor. If you want to know more related information, please pay attention!

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