How to choose a suitable wardrobe sliding door

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-03

Wardrobe sliding doors are becoming more and more popular at present, because sliding doors are frequently used, which is easy to cause problems. When we buy sliding doors, we have enough knowledge about the products before we can buy high-quality sliding doors.

1. Use the unique sliding door to properly create a unique interior space

There are some residential spaces that are more unique in design, so why not choose a more unique type of sliding door.

For single-family villas and small duplex houses with oblique guide columns, the use of ordinary doors may not be able to effectively utilize the interior space, so it is more suitable to use a more unique angled door. Its slanted angle matches the slanted canopy of the house, creating a unique environment.

In addition, some corners that are not easy to use, such as the corners of the house, must also choose a more unique door type, that is, the corner door. This kind of matching makes the originally consumed corners and the layout of the house naturally integrated.

2. Select the panel style according to the application site

The application of sliding doors in home furnishings can be roughly divided into two types: decoration partitions and cabinet doors.

The biggest function of the sliding door decoration partition is to create a more integrated residential atmosphere. According to the occasion of its use, you can choose the frame and panel at will, and you can slide the door at will.

For example, a fully transparent office partition can be installed between the restaurant kitchen and the living room, which has the advantages of both a closed kitchen and a semi-open kitchen, allowing housewives to communicate with their loved ones in the living room anytime, anywhere while cooking Communication, and can prevent kitchen fumes from entering other rooms in the living room when cooking.

This is used as a partition glass door, most of which are relatively transparent panels, which can also make the indoor space wider. Of course, another function of the decorative partition is to decorate the interior space, so the style can be selected according to personal preferences.

The so-called cabinet door refers to the fusion of sliding doors and custom-made furniture. The panel of the cabinet door can choose natural and rustic beech, cherry wood and other wooden texture panels, rational and fashionable metal panels, warm and elegant fabric curtain panels, and can also be matched in a variety of styles.

3. When choosing a sliding door, you must first pay attention to its airtightness

The sliding door is very convenient to use, but generally the sealing effect between the door and the door is weak. This is because most of the bottom wheels of the sliding door are of the external type, that is, the bottom wheel is attached to the side of the bottom of the door. In order to prevent the bottom wheel from colliding with the frame of the other door when the door is rolling, a large space must be embedded, which will cause the gap between the two doors to be too large and reduce the sealing.

Under such circumstances, we might as well choose bottom wheels with built-in rolling bearings that bear a lot of force. This type of bottom wheel has high technical content and can adapt to various road conditions.

In addition, the quality of the sealing brush is also very important, it is attached to the reverse side of the door. The cost-effective sealing brush has a high viscosity and no fading of the bristles. When it is closed, the door will be closely connected with the middle of the door, so there is no need to worry about dust intrusion.

4. Check whether the upper pulley and the slide rail are tightly connected

Generally speaking, the upper pulley has a guiding function. When choosing, shake the door with the vertical position of the slide rail. The smaller the degree of shaking, the better its reliability.

When shaking, pay attention to observe the upper moving pulley and the upper slide rail. If the sliding door is cost-effective, the gap during this period is basically zero. In this way, there will be no vibration feeling when rolling, and it will be stable and smooth. Therefore, the close relationship between the upper pulley and the slide rail determines its rolling stability.

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