How to choose a more cost-effective bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-28

The powerful storage function of    bathroom cabinets tends to make the bathroom more organized, which reduces the difficulty of cleaning the bathroom to a certain extent. Nowadays, many bathroom vanity products on the market have beautiful appearance, but the quality is uneven. So when buying bathroom cabinets, how should you buy them?

   1. Before buying a bathroom cabinet, you must know the type you want. Ensure that the bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas so that the water in the bathing area will not directly pour on the bathroom cabinets. Therefore, it is best to use shower screens (or shower rooms) in bathrooms that use bathroom vanity to achieve dry and wet partitions.

  2. When choosing a bathroom vanity, the material must be waterproof. Generally, the bathroom area of u200bu200ba family is only a few square meters. The use environment requires the material and technology of the bathroom cabinet to be moisture-proof. Choose a bathroom made of multilayer solid wood panels, imported oak, solid wood, hard PVC panels and other materials with better moisture resistance. cabinet.

  3. Choose the bathroom vanity whose surface treatment adopts baking lacquer treatment to ensure the airtightness of the board, so that the water vapor will be in direct contact with the board as little as possible. The surface of some bathroom cabinets is treated with skinning (that is, the panel is pasted on the board with adhesive). Although the style is better, the surface without machining is easy to fall off, which makes the board damp and moldy.

  4. Requirements on the performance of accessories:

   (1) The cabinet accessories adopt high-quality guide rails, door hinges, stainless steel corner pads, aluminum alloy adjusting feet and stainless steel handles.

   (2) drawers equipped with damping guide rails fully take into account the needs of people for a quiet environment. Each time the drawer is opened and closed, it is soft and smooth, and the damping can play a buffering role and effectively eliminate the harsh noise.

  (3) The guide rail adopts high-quality three-section steel ball slide to ensure smooth and silent opening and closing of the slide, strong endurance, effective anti-falling when opening and pulling, and automatic return when closing.

   (4) The door hinge adopts buffer hinges, which can be opened without noise, avoiding collision between the door panel and the cabinet and affecting the appearance; durable, corrosion-resistant, strong elasticity, continuous opening and closing 100,000 times without failure.

   (5) Aluminum alloy adjustable feet, never rust, and can maintain the balance of the cabinet when the ground is uneven.

   5. It is better to choose a silver mirror for the mirror of the bathroom cabinet. There are two types of bathroom mirrors, 'silver mirror' and 'aluminum mirror'. The 'aluminum mirror' uses aluminum as its raw material and is inferior to the 'silver mirror' in every respect. The 'Silver Mirror' can maintain the clarity for a long time, the speckles are not easy to form on the mirror surface, the internal silver layer is not easy to fall off, and it does not leak water.

  6. In addition to style design, the current good bathroom vanity also pay attention to their practicality. They began to replace the lenses with mirror boxes, so that the storage space of the bathroom is larger and the bathroom is more tidy.

  7. Choose bathroom vanity according to the overall design style of your bathroom, such as European classical style and American country style. When choosing bathroom cabinets, you should choose cabinets made of pure solid wood, which gives people a heavy and luxurious feeling. .

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