How to choose a custom wardrobe manufacturer

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-03

When you decorate your wardrobe, it can basically be said that this decoration has come to an end. Is your home decoration ready? Have you customized your wardrobe yet? How to choose a custom wardrobe manufacturer to assist you in equipping your home furniture after the interior decoration is completed, in case you lose your way, let me introduce you first Steps to customize your wardrobe. It is necessary to investigate in many aspects and grasp all aspects.

Custom wardrobe is divided into the following several steps:

1. First, you go to the exhibition hall of the wardrobe manufacturer to choose your favorite custom wardrobe style;

2. After the style is determined, the customized wardrobe manufacturer will assign a designer to come to you to accurately measure the specifications, clarify the type of your home, the placement of the wardrobe, and accurately measure all the specifications;

3. Scheme design, after the size inspection, the designer will design the drawing to make the style CAD plan and its price; sign the contract, after the plan is completed, you will start after you are satisfied with the style, color, specification and placement position sign the contract;

4. The processing plant submits the order for production;

5. Inventory inspection after manufacturing;

6. Delivery to your door for installation

7. After-sales maintenance service, sale and purchase.

In order to customize the individuality and level, the log furniture materials used by everyone must also be considered comprehensively. Good whole-house customized products must realize the actual effect, and appropriate matching and accessories are indispensable. In the communication with home decoration designers and custom designers, it is best for everyone to sit together to serve customers and take all the overall design into consideration, so that the furniture customization of this space can appear An idealized practical effect.

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