How to choose a bathroom cabinet to dress up your bathroom

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-28

News from bathroom vanity manufacturers:

   1. The bathroom cabinet should be selected according to the internal environment of the bathroom. with separation of dry and wet are more suitable for placing bathroom vanity, because bathroom vanity generally contain some metal materials, which are prone to moisture, oxidation, and corrosion. Therefore, it is best to use shower doors or shower rooms in the bathroom to keep the space outside the shower. Dry, and minimize the corrosion of metal fittings by moisture, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of bathroom cabinets;

   Second, the choice of bathroom cabinets should consider the size of the bathroom space. For a large bathroom, you should choose a bathroom cabinet that has more storage space and is easy to clean. It is better to choose floor-standing cabinets with high legs or wheels, because such cabinets can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground; for small and medium-sized bathrooms, you can choose a cabinet with a larger upper floor space and hanging clothes, so in the bathroom In the case of the same overall use area, more efficient use of space. It is recommended to choose a wall-mounted bathroom vanity and make full use of other facilities arranged under the bathroom vanity.


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