How to calculate the price of whole house customization

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-28

The humanization of the whole house customization shows that in the whole process of scheme design, it pays attention to in-depth communication with consumers, and can fully combine consumers' living habits and aesthetic standards.

Whole house customization is a new development prospect of overall furniture. Although it is young, it has already shown its vigorous development trend and overall strength. In the near future, whole house customization will be sold in China's overall furniture market and will definitely become fashionable. .

How to calculate the price of the whole house customization

Calculated according to projected area

It is to disassemble the structure of the wardrobe, separate all the boards, hardware, partitions, baffles and related spare parts, calculate the floor area and price, and obtain the total price for mercy. At present, well-known brands with strong overall strength in the market mostly use the projected area to charge.

Calculated according to projected area

The projected area charge is calculated according to the projected area of ​​the furniture face (that is, the length and height of the furniture). The depth (total width) is generally 60 cm of the standard specification. The calculation of the orthographic projection area refers to the length and width of the face of the cabinet door, or the area occupied by the wall. For the grilles, hardware, baffles, etc. inside the cabinet door, it is often given as a gift.

The main feature of this calculation method is that it is very simple. Customers are not afraid of merchants' random calculations, and they can basically know how much they will spend when buying.

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