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by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-28

A wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture in a home. There are three ways of making furniture today: buy ready-made from a manufacturer, buy panel fittings and have a carpenter do it, or get a custom builder to do it on site. See which is more suitable.

1. Environmental protection

One concern with buying furniture is environmental protection. In these three cases, it is environmentally friendly to choose plate accessories and find workers to do the work, because they choose the plate well and there will be no pits. Custom wardrobes attach great importance to boards, including large core boards, multi-layer solid wood boards, solid wood particle boards, etc., which are good from an environmental point of view, but it should be noted that even if the environmental protection level is high, they should be dry, because these materials, from the factory Move it into your home, then paint it and it smells great. Price: Furniture customization does not need to pay labor costs because it is a factory assembly line and mechanized production. Let's be honest, it costs a lot of money to find a carpenter. Currently, labor costs are very high. Also, you can do a wardrobe or two. You buy a lot of plates, hardware and paint. It's expensive, that's for sure. Most carpenters don't want to save you material. How convenient, what they do. Material is also wasted. Style: Customized furniture style is still good, and can be matched with the bed and bedside table to form a unified style. However, there is one fatal flaw. This kind of wardrobe is difficult to match the wall dimensions of the house. There will be some play, and the fit is tight, but dust on it is a bit of a nuisance. Not much style in the overall wardrobe, but it's nice to be able to wear tops. This pattern is usually very simple and uniformly pressed by large factories.

2. Unified style

Compared with the previous finished furniture, the whole house customization can customize a unified style in the theme style. Each furniture set can also be crafted independently. Can be personalized design, furniture customization has higher requirements for personality. In the design process, the consumer is in the main position, and the designer is the leader, that is to say, the real designer is the consumer himself; the designed furniture fully conforms to the personal style and life taste of the consumer

3. Optional materials

You can combine and match materials yourself. You can also be more reasonable in your choices and provide yourself with more choices.

4. Simplify the decoration process for consumers

With the advancement of urbanization and the accelerated pace of urban life, buying new houses for renovation has become a headache for urban white-collar workers. First of all, due to the long decoration cycle, sometimes the project is very long, which seriously affects the work and life of consumers. Second, there is a lot to buy and worry about. The introduction of a full set of customization concepts greatly simplifies the entire decoration process and overall design, so consumers don't have to run around and piece together. While enjoying the overall advantages, it also saves a lot of time. So furniture customization is now a very mainstream trend.

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