How is the wardrobe customization process realized?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-19

1. Wardrobe customization: Clear your own needs and choose a wardrobe customization brand

Since it is a custom wardrobe, you must first clarify your needs and have a general idea in terms of style, style, color, etc., so that the designer can understand your needs, so that the customized wardrobe is more suitable for your home. The choice of custom wardrobe brand is very important. Good brand products are guaranteed, and the designers and construction teams are more professional, so that you can have no worries.

2. Wardrobe customization appointment door-to-door measuring ruler

After choosing a custom wardrobe brand, you need to get in touch with the brand and ask the brand to assign a designer to come to measure. During the process of measuring, if you have special needs, please inform the designer as soon as possible, so that the designer can understand your thoughts , to ensure the accuracy of the measuring scale.

3. Wardrobe customized design renderings and quotations

After the measurement is completed, the designer will give you a design rendering within the specified time. If you are satisfied with the rendering, you can get a quotation for the custom wardrobe and then pay the fee.

4. Wardrobe customization is delivered to the factory for production

After all the above decisions are made, the wardrobe can be produced in the Dating Factory. The wardrobe production cycle is generally about 25-30 days. After the wardrobe is manufactured, the brand will deliver it to the door for installation.

So, what are the precautions for custom wardrobes? In response to this problem, you have to take a good look at my introduction below.

5. Wardrobe customization determines the style and plate selection according to the area

The size of the bedroom determines the style and size of the custom wardrobe. If your bedroom is relatively small, it is recommended to choose a wardrobe with a lower volume for the custom wardrobe, so that the overall bedroom space will look more spacious. There are many choices of panels for custom wardrobes, such as common particle boards, multi-layer solid wood boards, density boards, etc. The characteristics and prices of each panel are different, so the panels should be selected according to the needs, so that the customized wardrobe can be more effective. Good results.

6. The wardrobe is customized according to the usage habits for internal layout

The wardrobe has a folding area, storage area, hanging area, short clothes area, functional area, etc. Therefore, when customizing the wardrobe, the internal layout should be carried out according to the user's habits. If your custom wardrobe is not consistent with the overall style of the home, it must be that your wardrobe customization style has deviated, so you should choose the wardrobe style according to the home decoration style, so that the customized wardrobe can be integrated with the home.

7. The safety issues of wardrobe customization should be considered carefully

There are two aspects to the safety of custom wardrobes, environmental safety and accessories safety. Environmental protection and safety are mainly on the board. Generally, if you choose E1 or E0 board, there will be no formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Accessory safety refers to the hardware accessories used in the wardrobe. The quality of the accessories determines whether the wardrobe is firm, so it is necessary to choose reliable accessories to avoid potential safety hazards.

How to customize a wardrobe? What are the precautions for customizing a wardrobe? You must pay attention to the above points when customizing a wardrobe. According to the above standards, you must be able to customize a good wardrobe. If you are not clear, then choose a good custom Wardrobe brands are fine.

The above is all the content introduced by the whole house furniture customization editor. If you want to know more relevant information, please pay attention.

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