How can the bathroom cabinet not be moldy?

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-25

   The humidity in the bathroom is often annoying to many owners. The humid environment not only makes it uncomfortable to use, but also easily molds the bathroom cabinet. How to make the bathroom cabinet not damp and mildew, and use it longer?

   Generally speaking, 50% of the humidity in the bathroom comes from the ground. The wall-in-the-wall bathroom vanity design can avoid the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom. In the selection of bathroom vanity materials, composite panels can provide better water resistance. In the connecting part of the door and the cabinet, rubber side strips with anti-collision function should be installed, which can not only reduce the sound of closing the door, but also completely block the water vapor outside the cabinet. In the selection of hinges and slide rails, it is necessary to choose corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant hardware accessories. In addition, you can also add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil to the bottom of the cabinet to prevent moldy and deformation of the cabinet. The side leakage bottom plate is installed at the water outlet of the pipe of the basin, which can also prevent the intrusion of condensate water from the edge of the plate.

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