How about solid wood customization How to choose solid wood custom furniture

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-30

Solid wood custom home furniture is based on materials, colors, and design styles. It revolves around all design stages such as home decoration design, product design, and furniture design, and then completes design product development, product development, and engineering construction. Systematization and humanization of products, a customized home furnishing solution for the whole house. The convenience brought by customized furniture to interior decoration: First, the unity of material design style. If a person wants to realize his ideal home, he must solve the problem of unity in design, which is the overall design.

Product advantages: Technical professionals are always better than amateurs. Solid wood custom home decoration is a relatively complex product in the field, and it is loved by the owners of luxury villas. Professional brand products cover a wide range of products, have a long product extension line, complete supporting facilities, and considerate service.

Design advantages: the so-called customization is humanized design. According to the actual specifications of the customer, the design is purposeful. The designer must adapt to the current situation. The ability to design is more important than the production of products. Only this is done well. Yes, it is very important that there are few or almost no mistakes in the orders placed. Solid wood custom home decoration is all high-end users, and disputes will easily arise if too many problems occur.

Manufacturing advantages: solid wood custom home decoration is different from other products, such as composite lighting, kitchen cabinets, and some stairs can work with water flow, but solid wood custom home decoration cannot, basically all are made by hand, relying on people ongoing. Many well-known brands require more than 150 processes for each product, which is complicated and takes a long time.

Advantages of services: solid wood custom home decoration must be self-contained. If a custom home furnishing brand wants to do well, it must be professional in product service, technical guidance, training support, promotion support, and after-sales service .

Frequently Asked Questions When Purchasing Custom Solid Wood Furniture

Walking into the home furnishing store, there are various kinds of advertisements in the store: all solid wood, pure solid wood, wood decoration customization; what you hear is a variety of material promotion plans: black walnut, cherry wood plank, crabapple wood, beech wood, Fraxinus mandshurica etc. More and more companies are transforming and upgrading 'solid wood custom home decoration' and 'solid wood whole house customization'. Under the rush, many 'fine sands' such as counterfeit and shoddy products, confusing definitions, and deliberate fraud are also falling, countless. For reference only.

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