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by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-28

In the whole wood home customization, the kitchen is a very core part. Similarly, the maintenance of cabinets in the kitchen is also a part that should not be underestimated. If you just buy cabinets without daily maintenance. The service life of the cabinet will definitely be greatly shortened. Therefore, cabinet maintenance has become a problem that every family must face as much as possible. However, cabinet maintenance is not as simple as imagined. According to the length of the cabinet and the calculation method, the prices are different. Whole house customization, how much is the price of cabinet maintenance? It is something that many families don't understand at all, so I will give you a general introduction to the professional skills of custom cabinet maintenance for whole wood home furnishing, as well as the general price of cabinet maintenance.

The current custom-made kitchens for whole wood homes generally use overall cabinets, and the utilization rate of the kitchen is extremely high, and three meals a day are used. Everyone also knows that the kitchen is extremely fume Large, the range hood can't completely solve this problem, so the stains caused are several times that of other places in the house. The cabinets are basically turned on and off in such an environment every day. Even the best cabinets will have the same confusion, and the damage will naturally require repairs. General cabinets have a warranty period. If it is within the cabinet, the maintenance price of the cabinet is generally not expensive, and it is enough to waste parts if the number is large. It can be seen that cabinet maintenance is very important. But if it has been used for three years, and the warranty period is over, the price will be a little more expensive, hundreds of dollars for no reason. And it may be more expensive if you are looking for the kind of self-service master. The whole house is customized, so we must buy cost-effective cabinets during the purchase process, so the probability of cabinet maintenance will be much smaller. It should be noted that cabinet maintenance is generally paid for by hardware, so it is necessary to choose cabinet hardware carefully. Originally, it is better to learn about cabinet maintenance than to bother with cabinet maintenance, so that cabinet maintenance can be avoided from the root cause. Whole wood home custom cabinet maintenance methods The following will introduce some simple wardrobe series product maintenance and maintenance methods.

1. Maintenance of the door frame of the whole wood home custom cabinet 1. Do not let the surface of the table soak into the door frame to avoid deformation. 2. Once you find that the cabinet hardware is loose and there are abnormal noises, you should find the manufacturer for repair or adjust it yourself. 3. Solid wood panels are often maintained with furniture black wax. Clean the crystal door frame with a clean towel.

Second, cabinet door frame removal 1, paint door frame to prevent soluble cleaning fluid. 2. Chemical organic solutions should not be used as operation panel cleaning solutions.

3. Repair and maintenance of the whole wood home custom cabinet body 1. It is not as strong as the lower cabinet, so it is recommended to put light items, and put heavier items in the lower cabinet. 2. The utensils put in the cabinet must be cleaned, especially the water that scrubs the surface. 3. The cabinet hardware should be cleaned with a dry towel, and there should be no leakage to prevent water stains. 4. A filter system is installed in the stainless steel sink of the flow table to prevent the vegetable debris from blocking the tap water pipe

4. Cleaning of the whole wood home custom cabinet body 1. When cleaning the stainless steel sink every day, the neck of the pipe behind the filter box needs to be washed together to avoid long-term accumulation of oil stains. 2. If the oil stains are too thick, you can use a detergent to dissolve them in water, wash them with strong water, and usually clean them up after a few times. 3. To avoid the dampness of the kitchen, keep cleaning it neatly.

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