Have you really mastered all the details of cabinet customization?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-09

When choosing cabinet customization, we should consider all aspects. As the saying goes, if there is a hundred secrets, there must be problems, and some details are easy to miss. Let's just babble on the details.

1. The cabinet door will not pop out when opening and closing. If damping or anti-collision strips are added to the door panel before the design, there will be no noise when closing.

2. Is the height of the desktop carefully considered? If the countertop is too high or too low, it will increase the burden on the back, and calculating a reasonable height will improve the comfort of the kitchen.

3. Do you know which kitchen layout you belong to? Knowing the layout of your kitchen will help you plan it properly and accommodate more items.

4. It will not touch the door of the hanging cabinet when it is opened. There are many ways to open the door of the wall cabinet. Choose doors that fit the height of your family and add to the fun of your kitchen.

Customized cabinets

5. You don't need to bend over and squat down when you take things in the cabinet. If you design more drawers into your cabinets, you will greatly reduce the amount of squatting and labor.

6. Do you know what are the five areas in the kitchen? Storage area, storage area, washing area, preparation area and cooking area are rationally planned respectively, using the principle of triangular working space to save more energy.

7. Is the corner of the kitchen handled skillfully? The kitchen area is small, and each space must be carefully designed, which will increase the usable area.

8. Are frying pans, seasoning bottles and dishcloths properly placed? Loose items in the kitchen can be stored in a space-saving way with various hardware pendants.

9. Are there more than three kinds of pull baskets in the kitchen? In the kitchen, there is not only an ultra-narrow pull basket, but also different pull baskets can be designed under the stove, under the hood or even next to the refrigerator to make the kitchen design more suitable.

10. After choosing the countertops and planks, did you choose comfort and convenience products? If you want your kitchen to feel more human, it's not enough to have countertops and dishes. It is very important to consider the configuration of food waste disposer products.

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