Furniture customization is better than carpentry

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-29

Let's chat with everyone today, for home decoration, choose custom-made or carpentry. Everyone knows that carpentry is a very important part of the interior decoration stage. Generally speaking, the processing methods will appear in the following categories:

1. Carpentry, which is the most common in the initial interior decoration, and now many people buy it, the reason I will explain below;

2. Overall customization: a more popular method nowadays is usually that the decoration company cooperates with the furniture manufacturer to provide service items;

3. Purchase of finished products: such as wardrobes, shoe racks, TV cabinets, etc.

I won’t go into details about the third one mentioned above. Today we will focus on carpentry and customization, which one is more in line with your current interior decoration requirements.

First of all, in our opinion, what is the purpose of choosing woodworkers? There are three main points: one is that the material itself can be manipulated and is more environmentally friendly; the other is that it is cost-effective; the third is that it is more durable.

The key to choosing a customized group is based on this purpose: first, it has a strong sense of design and looks good; second, it saves costs; and third, it will be more usable.

Next, let's compare the two plans with regard to the above aspects.

1. Environmental protection

Generally speaking, woodworkers such as woodworking cabinets are basically using artificial boards, mainly including ecological boards and rubber wood. What kind of plank you use is what kind of plank the carpenter uses.

The wood boards used on the customized level are basically melamine boards, which can also be called solid wood particle boards.

Therefore, in terms of environmental protection, there is not much difference between the synthetic version and the melamine board when both choose E0 grade. Perhaps, in terms of environmental protection, it is not as good as customization.

Result: similar to

2. Cost-effective

Customization, after the design is completed, the price can easily increase by tens of thousands of yuan, so it gives people a more expensive feeling.

And carpentry requires the cost of planks, carpentry labor, wardrobe hardware and auxiliary materials, paint costs, and paint labor costs. In the end, compared with customization, the actual price is almost the same.

Result: similar to

3. Design plan

Labor and equipment cannot be generalized. All kinds of hemming and convex-concave design cannot be completed by manpower. Even if the carpentry skills are particularly good, we can only do some design solutions within the scope of manpower.

Result: It must be that the customized design feels better

4. Durable

In terms of durability, it can be judged by board quality and hardware. Generally speaking, woodworkers choose their own materials, and the quality will be better than custom-made ones. Therefore, in terms of durability, woodworkers are better than custom-made ones. But there is a problem that customization is generally personalized, that is to say, there are three guarantees and after-sales service is guaranteed. As for carpentry, if it is used for a period of time, which hardware is broken is also a worry.

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