Four tips for buying bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-09-29

   Tip 1: Waterproof is the most important thing

   The bathroom is a place with a lot of water and is relatively humid. If the waterproof function is not good, the bathroom cabinet will soon 'end of life'. Therefore, the waterproof function is the most important. We have to choose bathroom cabinets made of materials with better moisture resistance, and they will generally use multi-layer solid wood panels.

   Tip 2: Brand quality gap is large

   The current bathroom cabinets on the market often have a price difference of thousands of yuan, and the quality is also uneven. Consumers should remember to check the product qualification certificate and other documents provided by the manufacturer when purchasing bathroom cabinets. Of course, the safest way is to buy products of well-known brands as much as possible, not only the quality is guaranteed, but the later service is also more worry-free.

   Tip 3: Beware of health problems

   of poor quality are prone to health problems when used. For example, bathroom cabinets with poor moisture resistance are prone to mold and bacteria; unqualified bathroom vanity use excessive amounts of paint and formaldehyde on the exterior, which directly endangers human health. In addition, many items in the bathroom are close to the body, and if they are affected, they can easily affect the health of the family.

   Tip 4: Style can’t be ignored

The design style of    bathroom cannot be ignored. Choosing a bathroom cabinet with artistic taste can not only improve the taste of the bathroom, but also cultivate sentiment. For those who are renovating for the first time, choosing a bathroom vanity that matches their own home decoration style can make the home taste icing on the cake.

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