Four steps for bathroom cabinet installation

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-18

   One. Check the product carefully

   When unpacking the bathroom vanity, carefully check the number and specifications of the bathroom cabinet and its parts to determine whether the bathroom cabinet and parts are damaged or missing before unpacking. If there is such a situation, Should communicate with the merchant in time to reduce unnecessary troubles.

  Second, pay attention to the installation location

   Whether you are buying a floor-standing bathroom cabinet or a hanging bathroom cabinet, you must consider the reserved position before installing, especially the hanging bathroom cabinet, because it is fixed on the wall, once installed Once completed, it cannot be moved again. Therefore, pay more attention to the water inlet and outlet of the bathroom during installation and try not to be too far apart.

   3. Cabinet balance is very important

   Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of the bathroom cabinet, try to ensure that it is firm and reliable when installing the cabinet, otherwise it is easy to cause safety problems due to the tilt of the cabinet during use. Especially for hanging bathroom cabinets, when hanging and installing, you must ensure that its installation holes are on the same horizontal line. This not only solves the safety problem, but also has a certain guarantee in terms of beauty. Floor-standing bathroom vanity generally can be adjusted in height, and the level of the metal frame is ensured during installation, so that the items on the cabinet can be evenly stressed.

   Fourth, pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof

   The bathroom is a place full of moisture. The humidity is extremely serious. Moreover, some bathroom vanity are made of wood and are perishable when exposed to water. Therefore, both the cabinet and the items placed in it are very easy Damp. We should pay attention to the water-proof, moisture-proof, clean and tidy of the cabinet at ordinary times to avoid the breeding of bacteria in the cabinet and the items placed in it. made of other materials except wood should also be waterproof. It is best to place them in a dry area that is not easy to get water.


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