Four precautions for installing bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-08

The placement of    bathroom vanity is closely related to the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom. The large space should be large and appropriate, and the small space should have all functions, but the ultimate goal is to use convenience. In the large bathroom, the dry and wet are separated naturally, and the good physical environment makes the bathroom cabinets have ample space for housing.

   Designers of Guangdong bathroom cabinet manufacturers can place different forms of bathroom cabinets according to the functional requirements and aesthetic needs of users, and place all kinds of toiletries, cleaning products and clothing in different categories. In addition, it can be classified according to family members, so that everyone has an independent storage space, making it more convenient and hygienic for users.

   One, confirm the installation height of the bathroom cabinet

   The standard installation height of a general bathroom cabinet is 80~85cm, which is calculated from the floor tiles to the upper part of the wash basin. The specific installation height should be determined according to the height and usage habits of the family members, but in The standard height range is the most suitable.

   2. Standard size analysis of bathroom cabinets

   is divided according to the installation method. are divided into wall-mounted bathroom vanity and floor-standing bathroom cabinets. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet mirrors need to be installed.

   The most common standard size of most bathroom cabinets is the length (generally including hanging cabinets) of 800mm~1000mm. Width (wall distance): 450mm~500mm. Since the size of the bathroom is basically the same, there are not many large bathroom cabinets and small bathroom cabinets on the market. If you accept custom-made, it will have a great impact on the appearance and price.

   If the bathroom cabinet is very small, only a basin can be placed. There is also a wall-mounted porcelain basin, which is not only beautiful, but also does not take up space. It is about 500mm long. In addition to the commonly used standard sizes, bathroom cabinets have a length of 1200mm. Generally, European-style and Jane-European bathroom cabinets are larger in size, because most of them need to add side cabinets, which can reach 1600mm.

   The installation size of a general bathroom cabinet is that the distance between the surface of the cabinet and the ground is 80mm~85mm. The installation of the mirror should be based on the height and habits of the owner. It is most suitable for people to stand in front with their head in the middle of the mirror.

   Three. Installation of different types of bathroom vanity

  1. Installation method of wall-mounted bathroom main cabinet

   First check whether the wall is solid core (otherwise use floor type), according to the selected hole position, use a percussion drill to make a hole on the wall, and insert the plug in the wall-mounted accessory into the hole. Then use self-tapping screws to lock the cabinet to the wall, or use expansion screws to install. After the cabinet is installed, align the countertop basin with the wooden hat of the cabinet and adjust and lay it flat.

  2, floor-standing bathroom cabinet installation method

   Lay the cabinet horizontally, screw the cabinet foot assembly on the fixing piece through the double-ended screw, then lay the cabinet flat and place it in an appropriate position, and the cabinet foot should be placed on the outside as far as possible to balance the force of the cabinet. And adjust to the level by the anchor screw. Check whether the four feet are stable when placed. If they are not on the same horizontal line, the cabinet body will be unevenly stressed and the lines will be distorted, which will not only affect the appearance but also affect the service life.

   Four. Four precautions for the installation of bathroom cabinets

  1, installation location

   Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet; since the installation of the bathroom cabinet requires holes in the wall, water inlet and drain holes are also required. Once installed Generally, the position cannot be moved, so confirming the installation position of the bathroom cabinet is a prerequisite before installation.

  2, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet

After the position of the bathroom vanity is determined, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation position. When buying a bathroom cabinet, you should first measure the length and width of the reserved bathroom cabinet, and buy it according to this size.

  3. Pipeline diagram of water pipes and wiring diagram of electric wires

   When installing, it is necessary to drill holes on the wall with a gas drill, so it is very important to confirm the pipeline diagram and wiring diagram before installation. If you break the water pipe or the wiring diagram, you must pry off some of the wall tiles, which will cause unnecessary Loss.

  4. The accessories and installation of each bathroom cabinet are different

   means that the punching size (the size of the hole on the wall) of the same model is not the same, so you can generally install it according to the instructions, but the installation process is basically the same.

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