Four guides to the perfect purchase of fashionable and trendy bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-24

  Four guides for perfect purchase of fashionable bathroom vanity

  The color matching of the most fashionable bathroom cabinet shopping guide

The color application of    bathroom cabinet manufacturers is very important. If you ask you which color bathroom is the most beautiful and comfortable, one hundred people will have one hundred answers, and different colors will have their unique personality, creating Different charms. In the use of colors in the bathroom space, in addition to the color according to your own preferences, you must also master certain matching skills. Generally speaking, the rich use of colors in the bathroom can better reflect the warm feeling of the family. In the eyes of the designer, the most It is better to use a combination of low-color and high-brightness colors to set off a clean and refreshing atmosphere. In the use of colors, the bathroom equipment and the main color echo the color of the wall and the floor, so as to make the whole bathroom have a sense of harmony and make the bathroom Become a colorful world.

  The most fashionable bathroom cabinet purchase guide: dry and wet separation

   The separation of dry and wet is to separate the convenience of washing in the bathroom from the shower function, and to reduce the overflow of the wall and floor of the bathroom. Then when designing the bathroom, it is necessary to consider separating the washing from the convenient area, so that the two Those who do not interfere with each other, and want to enjoy a clean space where dry and wet are separated, the most boundary method is to install bathroom vanity with bathroom sliding doors and zippers. The advantage of shower sliding doors is that they can remove the large amount of steam and water column produced by the tissues during bathing. The zipper can only provide a wet stepping feeling of splashing water jets. The sliding door design is very suitable for a small space, a bathroom with separation of dry and wet, and does not occupy space, so that everyone can make the bathroom comfortable and create a bathroom with separation of dry and wet. space.

The storage design of    The most fashionable bathroom vanity shopping guide

   The bathroom is where we wash every morning and evening. Naturally, many bottles and jars, and some wet and dry towels are inevitable. Although the bathroom is generally not big, I want the bathroom to look neat and tidy, of course. If you need to do something to find a place to expose yourself, the bathroom must have a large storage function. If the bathroom space is not large, you can use a closed storage cabinet. For ordinary families, the bathroom cabinet is best to use wall-mounted cabinets. The body is taller or on wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground. If you install a mirror on the door of the bathroom cabinet, it will not only make the bathroom space more spacious and bright, luxurious and beautiful, but also inexpensive. It is used as a dressing table.

   Lighting design of the most fashionable bathroom cabinet shopping guide

   For large-area bathrooms, we can use different forms and different colors of mixed lighting design, which will have a strong visual effect. For small spaces, it is recommended that you choose a bright cold light design. Matching with the decorative color of the wall makes the whole space look purer and more real, avoiding some dark corners and reducing the existence of sanitary corners.

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