Four details that affect the practicality of bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-10-19

  in the cabinet

  Horizontal storage is much more practical than vertical storage

   The most common bathroom cabinet design on the market is two door leaves-it really makes the bathroom cabinet look like a cabinet. But in fact, this design is not reasonable. The interior height of the bathroom cabinet is too large, and sometimes a large bottle of shampoo is put into it, which takes up less than two-thirds of the height.

   and the things placed in the bathroom vanity are often irregular in shape. They cannot be stacked, they can only be laid flat on the bottom plate. So many times there is no more things in the cabinet, but at least half of the space is free.

   The best way to solve this problem is to make horizontal storage. For example, make a horizontal partition in the cabinet to make one space into two spaces. Or make full drawers on the bathroom cabinet and use the drawers for storage.


  The countertop can be extended indefinitely, and there is also a cabinet, so there is a countertop-this is the directional thinking of most people. Therefore, in most people's bathroom vanity, the countertops can only fit on the cabinet.

   This design has no defects, but there are some shortcomings. The size of the cabinet was fixed because of obstructions beside it. But if there is no shelter beside the countertop, why should it be confined around the cabinet?

   is similar to countertops, in addition to being used for dressing up in the bathroom, it can also make the room look bigger and brighter. It is an important decoration. If there is a mirror cabinet at the back, it makes more sense to extend the length.


   One-piece basin is preferred for fear of dirty, please don’t choose independent basin if you can’t afford the nanny

There are four styles of    counter basins: above counter basin, under counter basin, integrated basin and independent basin. For the bathroom, the difference between the use of above counter basin and under counter basin is not big (at least not as big as in the kitchen)-water on the countertop can be swept directly to the ground, so it doesn't matter if you use the above counter basin. There is a ring of glass glue on the joint between the basin of the under-counter basin and the countertop, and the humidity in the bathroom is high, but it is easy to mold.

   The best thing to take care of is a one-piece basin. The countertop and basin are designed in one piece, and there are no joints at all, so there is no sanitary corner. The disadvantage is that we cannot do the 'table extension' design we mentioned earlier.

   Independent basin is least recommended, this thing is a large basin on the countertop. Once there is water on the outer wall of the basin, it will flow to the joints-and the joints are so small that you can't reach them at all, making it very troublesome to clean up.


   wall-mounted is easy to use, but it needs hard decoration cooperation

   If only cleaning is considered, the wall-mounted bathroom vanity has a large distance between the cabinet and the floor, so the mop can be easily entered, and it will be easy to clean.

   The floor-standing bathroom cabinet is like under the bed or under the TV cabinet, with a big gap. Dust can get in, but cleaning tools can't get in.

   But the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet is not perfect-it does not block the bottom space, but on the other hand, it directly exposes the bottom space. Below the bathroom cabinet is the drain standpipe for the wash basin. This thing will be very ugly when exposed directly.


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