Features and advantages of metal bathroom cabinets

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-01

1. The new cabinet structure is all made of metal materials, environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances such as stupid, formaldehyde, and can be reused. It saves energy, is beautiful, and has a modern feel.

2. Use metal sheet reverse bending technology to enlarge and level the cabinet housing space.

3. The width and height of the outer opening of the metal cabinet body are consistent with the width and height of the internal accommodation space, so that every corner and every side of the cabinet body can be displayed, which enhances the aesthetic feeling and adds The strength of the cabinet.

4. The entire bathroom vanity is made of double-layer sheet metal, without any sanitary corners, and has anti-acid and alkaline properties and anti-corrosion properties.

5. From a mechanical point of view, sheet bending increases the load-bearing capacity of the vertical board. The load-bearing capacity is several times that of the wooden cabinet, and the service life is long.

6. All process standards of the metal cabinet body have reached the international second-level labor tolerance.

7. The surface of the metal cabinet can show wood grain and many other patterns. It is formed by using transfer printing technology and curing it in a high-temperature electric kiln again.

8. In order to cater to the lives of modern people, the surface of the cabinet is inlaid with exquisite acrylic, which is quite high-grade, and the cabinet has been raised to a new height.

9. Fireproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, no deformation, no harmful substances, green and environmental protection.

10. Metals can be reused after being recovered, and resources are diligent and thrifty.

11. The cabinet with column feet is equipped with adjustable height supports, which can be adjusted at will, which is conducive to cleanliness.

12. The standardization of accessories shows the charm of modern industrial products.

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