Don't forget these three steps to install the bathroom cabinet

by:Y&r Furniture     2021-11-09

  1, floor-standing bathroom cabinet

   Floor-standing bathroom cabinet is relatively simple to install, because it does not need to be attached to the wall. Put the cabinet horizontally first, then screw the foot assembly to the fixing piece, and then install it; then put the whole cabinet in a suitable position in the bathroom, and the cabinet feet should move closer to the side panel so that the cabinet can be stressed Military; It is also necessary to adjust the foot screws to ensure that the four feet are flat when placed, and there will be no situation where one foot is tall and one sole.

  2, wall-mounted bathroom vanity

   If the bathroom area is limited, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can be used, which will be more complicated to install. You need to use an impact drill to make two large holes on the wall to facilitate the placement of the wall-mounted bathroom cabinet; after the holes are drilled, the wall-mounted accessories can be inserted into the holes, and then the self-tapping screws are used to connect the cabinet and the wall. The empty space is wrongly tightened; expansion screws can also be used to facilitate the installation of the cabinet; but after the cabinet is installed, install the countertop basin and align and mix thoroughly according to the position.

  3, side cabinet, shelf

  There are side cabinets and shelves in the bathroom vanity. These are the products that come with the bathroom cabinet. They are very important for life. In fact, the installation method of side cabinets and racks is exactly the same as that of wall-mounted bathroom vanity. If you know how to install wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, you will naturally know how to install side cabinets and racks.

Precautions for installing bathroom cabinets

   When installing the bathroom cabinet, you may encounter many problems. For example, when installing the bathroom cabinet and then installing the basin, you need to glue and seal, and the glue and seal should be based on the actual situation. It should not be too much or too little; if the bathroom vanity is connected with the wash basin, a drain must be installed, and the direction of the water flow must not pass through the bathroom cabinet, so as not to cause the bathroom cabinet to become rotten. Bad.

After    bathroom cabinets, countertops and mirrors have been installed, it has entered the final stage. At this time, the two most important things are to do a good job of cleaning the product and fixing it with glue.

  1, use a dry cloth to remove dust

After    is installed, a lot of dust may be left between the surface of the product and the gap. Next, glue is needed, so the dust must be cleaned first. The installer emphasized that it should not be cleaned with a damp cloth, otherwise it will affect the performance of the glue.

  2, glue making

   Gluing is the last step of the product installation and construction, this step must not be omitted. The role of glue is to seal, fix, prevent mold and so on. Products used in wet bathroom should pay special attention to this step. Gluing is also a meticulous work. First, use a glue gun to hit the glue in the gaps and joints, and be careful not to miss it. Then smooth the glue with your hands to make it look better. After zui, wipe off the excess glue on the edge to prevent it from being solidified, it is difficult to scrape off, which will affect the appearance.

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