Do you know why there are moths in furniture?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-06-08

In modern family life, solid wood furniture is usually more expensive, and some are even luxury items at home. This can be a very annoying problem once the moths are out. Termites in particular reproduce rapidly. If it is not maintained in time, it will not only damage the solid wood furniture, but also corrode the solid wood floor and even the decorative panels on the ceiling. The furniture customization editor once saw a second-hand house in Kaiyin New City being devoured by termites, from wooden furniture to wooden doors to wooden decorative frames.

Many families like to buy solid wood furniture, which looks more upscale, but some solid wood furniture has moths after a period of use, and even the white powder on the edge of the furniture can be clearly seen. It's scary to think about. Below, the editor of custom furniture will explain why furniture moths appear.

The main reason is that in the initial stage of furniture making, the wood processing is not correct. For example, hardwood materials such as elm have a sweet smell that insects and ants love. If there is no good drying and insect-proof treatment before making the furniture, the furniture will be easily eaten by insects after a period of use; cork is more susceptible to insects because cork absorbs moisture in the air more easily in a humid environment. After a long time, it will emit a rotten smell, and then insects will grow; in addition, the wood itself also has wormholes, but the manufacturer does not deal with it, which will also cause insect damage.

Furniture Customizer will explain to you how to deal with moth-eaten furniture:

1. In the area that has not been moth-eaten, first brush shellac paint on the surface of the wooden cabinet to isolate the moth-eaten from the air and achieve the purpose of moth-proofing. Note that the front and back of the furniture and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet should be sprayed evenly.

2. In the moth-eaten area, add dichlorvos and water in a ratio of 1:5 and mix evenly, put it into the sprayer and spray it for 3~5 times, let the liquid penetrate into the wooden cabinet, and kill all the insects after 8 hours. Then wash the furniture with clean water and put it in the sun.

3. Scrub the moth-eaten furniture with a brush dipped in diesel oil, expose it to the sun for two to three hours, and then apply it again until the moths die in the hole. Finally, wash with detergent and dry in the sun. If the furniture is eaten by insects in a large area, it is recommended to abandon the furniture directly, otherwise it will affect the use of the furniture or bring safety hazards; if one side or a certain area is eaten by insects, you can directly replace the material eaten by insects.

The editor who has rich experience in furniture pest control said that due to humidity and heavy rain, it is necessary to pay attention to dehumidification at ordinary times. We can consider preparing a dehumidifier at home to reduce air humidity. In addition, the placement of wooden furniture should avoid air conditioners, heaters and direct sunlight, which is not easy to cause moisture and damage.

At the same time, we should also avoid collisions and scratches on the surface of the furniture, because the paint on the surface is the protective film of solid wood furniture. If the furniture cannot survive being eaten by insects, it is best to find a professional company to kill the insects as soon as possible.

In addition to the above moth prevention methods, the area where the furniture is placed is also very important. For example, bathroom and kitchen areas are relatively humid. If you place solid wood furniture, it is easy to breed insects or rot. In addition, the humid air in the southerly or rainy season can also cause insect problems in the furniture. It is better to keep the furniture environment clean and dry every day.

The above is the understanding of the furniture customization editor, if you want to know more, please consult the editor!

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