Do you know what is the standard size of the bathroom cabinet?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-04-22
To understand the size of bathroom cabinets in ordinary bathrooms, you must have enough understanding of bathroom cabinets, at least the classification of bathroom cabinets. At present, the bathroom cabinets in the bathroom market are divided according to the installation method. There are two common types: wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and floor-standing bathroom cabinets. The size of the bathroom cabinet also includes the mirror cabinet of the bathroom cabinet, so whether the mirror cabinet is installed in the bathroom cabinet is also the main factor affecting the size of the bathroom cabinet.​​​​ According to market statistics and surveys, the height of the main cabinet of ordinary bathroom cabinets on the market is between 80--85cm (including the height of the basin). The most common bathroom cabinet size standard is that the length (generally including mirror cabinets) is 800mm~1000mm, and the width (wall distance) is: 450mm~500mm. When installing the bathroom cabinet, there is a main principle for the size of the bathroom cabinet, which is to adjust it according to the height of the owner. Generally speaking, the height from the ground to the upper edge of the basin is about 80-85cm. That is to say, the installation size of the general bathroom cabinet is: the distance between the cabinet surface and the ground is 80cm~85cm, and the actual size is most suitable for the person standing in front of the bathroom cabinet with his head in the middle of the mirror. The mirror cabinet is generally installed in the middle of the main cabinet, the two sides are indented by 50-100mm, and the height is about 250CM. In fact, the size of the bathroom cabinet can also be customized directly to the manufacturer according to actual needs. For the finished bathroom cabinets, the size is basically the same, especially the height, and the width and size of the bathroom cabinets are relatively rich, such as an ultra-small bathroom, then there is only a wall-mounted porcelain basin, which is not only beautiful, but also does not take up space , about 500mm in length. In addition to the commonly used ones, the length of the bathroom cabinet is also 1200mm, and some styles can even reach 1600mm with side cabinets.
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