Do you know the tips for choosing a wardrobe?

by:Y&r Furniture     2023-05-22

Wardrobe is one of the most used furniture in our daily life, so more and more people pay attention to the design of wardrobe, and customized wardrobe is more and more favored by consumers. But there are many furniture noobs who don't know how to choose a custom wardrobe. In fact, as long as you know these four points, let's learn together with the editor!

1. When choosing a custom wardrobe, the size and style of the custom wardrobe should be determined according to the area of ​​the bedroom. If the bedroom area is limited, the choice of custom wardrobes should focus on saving space. The shape should be as simple as possible, the volume should be relatively small, and more attention should be paid to the use of space so as not to appear crowded. If the bedroom has a lot of space, you can customize the shape according to your favorite style.

2. When the wardrobe is decorated, it is usually impossible to achieve a unified style, so the wardrobe style to be customized should be determined before decoration. It is especially important that the customized wardrobe must conform to the overall style of home decoration. European-style decoration is more coordinated with European-style wardrobes.

3. At present, some consumers often ignore the actual situation of their own houses when buying wardrobes. It seems that when they arrive at their home, the right size and color wardrobe is completely difficult to match in the home store. Or have a wardrobe that's made in the style of a magazine, but seems a bit crowded at home. This is because consumers are unprofessional and overconfident. So, when it comes to customizing your wardrobe, take the advice of the pros.

4. Many people choose to customize their wardrobe. In addition to pursuing individuality, they also want to save money so that they will not cause unnecessary waste in pursuit of individuality. If the budget is limited, don't make unnecessary designs just for the pursuit of individuality, thus causing unnecessary waste. Therefore, before customizing the wardrobe, plan the functional area of ​​the wardrobe, and adjust the size of the functional area according to your usage habits.

Most of the customized wardrobes on the market use MDF, and some use moisture-proof boards and MDF better. Also, it depends on the veneer. The hardware of the custom wardrobe is also very important, including carbon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. The smoothness, wear resistance and pressure resistance of the pulley are also very important. The pulleys of brand wardrobes are generally made of carbon fiberglass, with balls and non-drying grease inside. There is almost no noise when pushing and pulling. In addition, good pulleys are usually designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliable and safe sliding of the cabinet door. Only one anti-jump device or none.

After choosing a good wardrobe, we should pay more attention to eating in the back of the wardrobe. Regular maintenance of the wardrobe can make it serve us better. Generally, the wardrobe should be protected from moisture and mildew, and should not be exposed to sunlight. When cleaning the wardrobe in the later stage, you should not use a wet rag to wipe it frequently, but use a dry rag. If there is any material that has not been wiped off, it can be wiped gently with an alcohol rag.

After reading so many wardrobe shopping tips, I believe you have a certain understanding, pay attention to wardrobe customization!

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